Monday, September 29, 2008


So this weekend is a pretty huge one on the music calender. Rocking the Daisies is going down and is going to be monstrous. This is an opportunity to go and listen to your favourite SA bands and no doubt meet some interesting characters. You get to camp in the nature and rough it for the weekend. This is well worth the cash, which is isn't that much considering what you get. You will get to see bands like New Loud Rockets, The Dirty Skirts, Fire through the Window, AKing, Fokof and so many more. For more info and tickets hop along to the website. Who knows, maybe you will get to meet Eagle Eye Cherry? Haha. I totally wish I could go, but unfortunately, I have exams starting this week.

Get there!! I am already regretting not going.


Barry said...

howzit man. i just managed to find your blog (dont know how) but have ben reading it and its pretty interesting, keep it up!

and just about this post you did on RTD, i went up and i actually did get the chance to meet Eagle Eye Cherry! ha! found that pretty funny... anyways keep it up man!

Richard Cole King said...

Thanks Barry. Glad you like it. I am jealous you went to RTD.