Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dear John is it true?

[Pic from WAA (where else?)]
For the multitude who crammed into the Waiting Room in Long Street to see Dear John Love Emma's first gig, and Romney's last on Saturday night, here is a pleasant surprise. Rom had a meeting at work on Monday to discuss the matter of him moving on or not, and they offered him a "great position here" - his words. He took it. He is staying on in SA and therefore in the band.

If you were unfortunate enough (like me) to miss Saturday, keep your eyes peeled for their next gig. From the reports I got, they are a really exciting new act. Even 8-bit had one or two nice things to say. How novel.

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cevron said...

I'm sincerely pleased to hear that he is staying. As I said on the blog, with better sound and a bigger stage - the band could be great, really something new to the Cape Town scene.