Wednesday, October 1, 2008

He is just a boy with a band

Last night was a haze of Royale burgers, red wine, smoke and melodic music. I think a fair sum up of the evening’s music was experimental. Experimental in the good sense. Nigel Moore produced an session of music at the Waiting Room that was totally unusual for the once was indie rocker. He played with a band of boys that assisted him every now and then to make the musical extravaganza more than just the Nigel Moore show. With a performance or three from Pretty Blue Guns front man on the harmonica and bass and electric guitar from Dave and Steve from the New Loud Rockets the evening could only go one way. Tim King on the drums made his debut on the Cape Town music scene with the beats and riffs of an experienced performer.

After playing all the songs in their repertoire the three f’s (family, fans and friends) relentlessly begged for more. But they had no more. And so, (not reluctantly you understand) Nigel and band played one of the songs again. Each person in the band got pressured into a solo before the set was over.

It turned out to be a super evening. Some have said that Nigel’s voice does not suite this genre of music. Others say it’s new and revolutionary. His voice is certainly not “melodic” or “beautiful” but definitely goes with his personality. Rough around the edges and not backward at going forwards. He is a good song writer though. Being somewhat of a song writer myself, I was impressed with his lyrics and music.

He launched his EP last night as well. I have no idea where you can get it, but if you look at the fan page and contact him through that, I am sure you could organise.
Nigel James Moore
Steven Huson 'busting' one of his solos (New Loud Rockets)
Andre (Pretty Blue Guns) sucking and blowing
David Huson (New Loud Rockets)
New comer Tim King (Looking for a band)

So now he is off to London for a break and then to NZ to meet up with his family where he will live indefinitely.


Anonymous said...

would you still be so nice to Nigie J Moore if your brother wasn't playing in the band?
be honest. its like being nice to a retarded dog just because it followed you home.

Richard Cole King said...

Honestly, I don't think I said anything particularly nice to Nigel. The only thing I said that was (maybe construed as) nice, is that I thought he is a good song writer (which a do think). He only played one show in the 'band'. He is missing Thursday's show.