Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Launch of all Launches!

After years of listening online to your favourite garage recorded songs, it has arrived! Desmond & the Tutus have released Tuckshop, their debut album! About [expletive] time too! What’s more is they are on their way to the Mother of all cities (Cape Town) to launch it at two EXPLOSIVE parties at Evol and the Klein Libertas (Stellenbosch) this weekend.
Desmond is well known for its African feel indie music creating possibly the most original sounding act in South Africa currently. They have even played in Cape Town with our (Cape Town's) very best, the New Loud Rockets. Check out previous posts for more pics and info on the band.
To be at either (or preferably both) of the parties, click along to the Evol invite for Friday and the Klein Libertas invite for Saturday. Saturday night also boasts PTA act Kidofdoom and another Cape Town favourite, Unit R. Wow.

It is going to be a weekend like no other.

See you there Cape Town…

Photos by Angie Batis

Watch this space for an album review!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Athlete - Hurricane

Athlete, an English indie rock act out of London released there 3rd Album in September last year, Beyond The Neighbourhood, which entered the UK charts at #5, not nearly as successful as the album, Tourist, which preceded it. Tourist set the standard as far as music and originality was concerned. When Beyond the Neighbourhood came out, some fans were disappointed. Some critics complained that the new music sounds like Coldplay (suddenly Coldplay's sound is exclusive?). Besides, Coldplay's new album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, has a refreshingly new sound.

Anyway, the album is very typically Athlete, not too much new, a few new electronic sounds, but very safely put together. I am happy with my purchase.

Have a look at the their single below, Hurricane, and make your own mind up. When you are done with that, they have just released their latest EP, definitely worth having a look at. It's called Outsiders.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Justice live in London

I recently had the privilege of travelling abroad to some beautiful countries and islands. I went to Greece and Croatia, and spent a day in Italy and London; hence the reason for the lack of blogging in the last month.

The one evening we were in London, Justice were ripping it up in the London rain at Somerset House. We went along.

Marlon, in his massive trench coat, Tyrell boasting new red skinnies and his terrorist scarf (so last year) and yours truly sporting my newly acquired shutter shades and borrowed neon peak cap.

We arrived just as the opening act ended, perfect timing. The Londoners were pretty nonchalant about the weather as the icy rain poured down on the open air venue while we (Marlon, Tyrell and I) huddled under our small umbrella for warmth and the thought of being dry. The rain did stop for a bit however and we gave up on the idea of being warm and embraced the elements.

Just then, Justice came on stage and stood in the darkness behind their massive tables and Marshall stacks. They started with what must be a popular opener, Genesis. They are a class act. They played many familiar tunes from their newish album, “†”, mixed with oldies like, We are your Friends and even a riff from the Klaxons. The lighting was out of this world as well and synced so very well with the music making the show run like a well oiled machine.

There has been some criticism of the songs D.A.N.C.E. and The Party. People are often of the opinion that they didn’t do enough with them. They talk about dancing and partying, but it’s very difficult to move violently to these songs. But, the live performances of these songs silence all critics, well certainly me. They were so huge, we didn’t want them to end.

The rain came down once again to try and end proceedings, but bye this stage everyone was warm and couldn’t care less if they got a little wet.

All in all, a good night out in wet, miserable London. Check out the "Never be Alone" video below.

Action photos by Marlon Leggat.