Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Members, #3: David Huson

Next up in our Members series, is David Huson the bassist from New Loud Rockets. He also happens to be the fashion trail blazer of the band while studying Dentistry at UWC.

1. What is your earliest musical memory?

If referring to pseudo-participation, then definitely my rendition of treble-clef-flair, whilst sharing a piano stool with my father. Christmas carols from a book with a particularly pretty cover.
Otherwise, trying to pajama-sidestep to MC Hammer.

2. What are your biggest musical influences?

Home (where the heart is; with brothers, parents and the like).
The weight of the world.
Childhood (the happy parts of adolescence, too).
Oh, and, Michael Jackson.

Also featuring guest appearances from: Television (Marquee Moon), Red Hot Chili Peppers (ah, pre-pubescent summertime), Shout Out Louds (“Trackin’ and a trainin’” is how I seem to live my life)…yes, The Strokes too, and a host of obscure, ultra-indie-electro-thrash/thrash/thrash band names that I’d like to make reference to here.

3. What is your fondest band memory?

Possibly our first show in Stellenbosch, upstairs within the Hidden Cellar. It marked our first performance with Desmond & The Tutus. The evening I met you too, Rich. Stephen, John and I proceeded to mount the stage and dance – maniacally – to their set. Or, maybe the time we slept in what seemed like a concentration camp dormitory, stumbling in after a show (the small hours of the morning), and someone left a note in my shoe (in lipstick; I might add) that read “I heart KidOfDoom”.

4. What do you do when you are not playing music?

Hanging with Jesus. (In a sincere way.)
Video store - clerking-it, um…yo.
Running. (The road and I.)
Investigating the intricacies of beard growing.
Invading peoples’ personal space in an attempt to help them feel better about their smiles. (Yes, that’s how I justify it.)
Surrounding myself with teeth, mouths and such pleasant things that Dentistry has to offer.
It’s a modest business. But, we get by.

5. What band are you listening to at the moment?

MGMT. I know it’s no “revolutionary” answer. I can dig that.
I guess, ‘I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling wrong in the time of my life’.
You know, ‘picking insects off plants – no time to think of consequences’.

6. What is the next big fashion accessory in the “Indie” world?

The BetaMax-cassette-suspended-from-a-shoelace-around-one’s-neck.
(Contrary to popular believe it is NOT the headband. Total fashion faux.)

7. When are we expecting a feature length album from the New Loud Rockets?

Our Commerce department (i.e. my brother, Stephen) has been swamped with accounts, trying to make sense of our year-end financial statements. We’re not quite financially sound as of yet – to venture down the path of a feature length album. But, we’re optimistic cats. Sometime in the very near, future present. We hope.

8. Who is the craziest member of the band?

I would have to say…Bernard - our invisible oboe player and resident, band badminton champion. Hands-down.

9. Have you ever been stalked by a fan?

A bizarre girl, who previously stayed in an apartment near the park where I once lived, would phone me, arbitrarily, to ask me stuff. I quite obviously never had the correct answers (or any at all) to her questions. I am not especially good with being blunt, and so, interrogations would continue (to undesirable lengths). There is a pending fear that if I ever see her again, she might beat me into submission – for avoiding her – as she boasts an impressive body mass index (for a junior Ukrainian weightlifter).
There was also this golf instructor from Tygervallei, Willie, who continued to buy me drinks one night, after a show of ours.

10. What are your personal dreams for the band?

Romantic, celebrity entanglements involving Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley. (A good friend of mine, James Boonzaier – from Howard Roark infamy, and the infamy that goes with being ludicrously tall, too – have a running debate as to whether they are in fact the same person.) I just hope for his sake they are two, separate human beings, ‘cause we all know the appeal of a man of average height and untamed facial hair.
Having a message; that a kid hears when he’s eating his cereal in the morning. While listening to the radio, or when watching television, and he realises something. Something most other kids won’t see or feel. And, he wants to let them know; the other kids. So, he draws it or writes or portrays it in the form of interpretive dance.
(Ok, maybe not like that. But, something along those lines.) Inspiring someone, deeply, maybe?

11. Anything else?

Yeah, I would like show how to solve one of those Chinese finger puzzles...or, the Rubix cube.
A quote would be good right now, like David Starsky’s ‘Be yourself. That’s what’s really cool.’ But, I can’t think of any.

So that’s my good friend and New Loud Rockets band member David. If you want to see David and the rest of the NLR perform some time soon, you can! Hop along to the Rocking the Daisies in early October and see them perform alongside some other big SA bands and some not so big SA bands. If you are patient, you may even get to see one of the biggest international washed up has been of the 90’s! Drum roll……… Eagle Eye Cherry!

Go along, it’ll be fun. No really, there are some exciting acts. I wish I could be going. I have exams.

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