Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lykke Li and Bon Iver :: Dance Dance Dance (music video and live mp3)

Lykke Li is a Swedish gem that is making a name for herself as a great folk artist with a little sexy European accent. Before now she half covered the Kings of Leon track, Knocked up which was a very special track and covered the famous, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? accompanied by delicate piano notes.
Bon Iver and Lykke Li performed Dance Dance Dance together in LA. I think you may enjoy this:

Dance Dance Dance :: Lykke Li and Bon Iver | MediaFire

Monday, February 22, 2010

Vampire Weekend :: Giving Up The Gun (music video)

This new video features famous people. Camp Rocker, Joe Jonas and Broke-Back Jake Gyllenhaal are tennis players. They are truly awful. (via Lines of Oration)

The Bloody Beetroots :: III to Destroy

My bizarre affections for The Bloody Beetroots is no secret. It might have something to do with a special night we one spent together at The Assembly in Cape Town in March 2009. It might not. I don't know. But this track is bitching! The first thing that goes through ones mind as this track is played, 'They've changed their genre!' But it evolves rather quickly into the more familiar HEAVY ELECTRO that they are famously synonymous with.

The Bloody Beetroots :: III to Destroy | MediaFire

Band of Horses :: The Funeral

I appreciate that I am very late on the Band of Horses fan-wagon, but they are phenomenal! The Funeral has to be among my favourite tracks at the moment and it's been around since 2006. They are in the process of putting together Night Rainbows, their third studio album.

The Funeral :: Band of Horses | MediaFire

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hot Chip :: Touch Too Much

Made in the Dark is still one of my favourite albums by Hot Chip. That said, I haven't listened to it in a while. Touch Too Much never really stood out as an AMAZING track. It still doesn't. But I stumbled across this remix. In parts it has been reworked to sound like a grungy electro track and in others it is more kwaito in flavour. I like it.

Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix) :: Hot Chip | MediaFire

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Death Cab for Cutie :: Earth Angel (Cover)

I generally shun away from all things Death Cab. But I thought I'd give this track a chance. I often find bands twist my arm with covers. This was no different.

Death Cab for Cutie :: Earth Angel (cover) | zSHARE

Calvin Harris :: Stars Come Out

Calvin Harris, a Scott by birth, reckons he created disco, and he released his second album, Ready for the Weekend in August last year. But he's not as well known for his own albums as he is for some of artists he's worked with and remixed. Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry and Cut Copy are just a few.

This track though is off Ready for the Weekend.

Calvin Harris :: Stars Come Out | MediaFire (link removed on request)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Johnny Foreigner (UK) - Television advertisement

Man, this is going to be such a wicked show! Check out the television advert.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Johnny Foreigner (UK) - Your Winners!

Ok, so after finding some random machine and churns names and spews them out again in a random order, I have found my winners. They both won themselves double tickets. All they did to win was email me the following:

Alice Gnodde:
Where you first heard about Johnny Foreigner: Friends - before the tour was organised
Where you want to go (Assembly/Libertas): Ass!

Lala Quail:
Where I first heard about Johnny Foreigner: i was first introduced to them by a very colourful, friendly flyer.
Where I want to go: Assembly, please.

Well done ladies.

I didn't pick you? Don't despair, you can still get tickets here.

More from Johnny Foreigner.

The Police :: Roxanne (Discotech Remix)

Man. This remix made me realise how much I miss a band that's not even from my era. But I think when I get home I am going find an old Police cassette tape and play sides A and B! Daring I know.

The Police :: Roxanne (Discotech Remix)

FIFA interested in SA's talent

No, not we-are-awesome street fashion type talent. They did a post about Taxi Violence and D7. I don't know the latter as a band, but I saw my one friend in the pic. Check it here.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kasabian reveal new England Away kit

During their encore at the Paris Olympia theatre, 2500 French fans got more than they bargained for as Kasabian belted out Fire while frontman Tom Meighan showed off the new jersey. England will where it in March when they play Egypt at Wembley.

Tom commented on Sunderland's website: "It's brilliant to be the first band ever to launch an England shirt and where better to launch this particular kit than away from home? When Umbro approached us to represent England away we jumped at the chance as we are all football fans and loved the idea of revealing the England away shirt when playing in the country of one of our great footballing rivals."

Vampire Weekend :: Ruby Soho (Rancid Cover)

I like Vampire Weekend. I don't know that I've heard anything they've done that I haven't loved or at least, liked. They recently did a live cover of the punk band Rancid's track, Ruby Soho from their '95 album, ...And Out Come The Wolves.

Vampire Weekend :: Ruby Soho (Rancid Cover) | zSHARE

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

La Roux :: Tigerlily (B. Rich Remix)

Just when I was starting to convince myself that the whole 'lets remix La Roux to shizz' that dominated 2k9 was over, this happens: I find a track I haven't heard remixed previously.

La Roux :: Tigerlily (B. Rich Remix) | zSHARE (link removed on request)

Search Smack Talk for more on La Roux.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Leslie Feist

Have you heard Feist's cover of her own band's track Lover's Spit? The Canadian act, Broken Social Scene recorded the track back in 2002 for their album, You Forgot It In People.

In 2007, Feist covered it for her own gains.

Lover's Spit :: Feist | zSHARE

Johnny Foreigner (UK) free tickets

Of late, there has been a huge amount of online publicity and funky ghosts on street posts. All for Johnny Foreigner and their phenomenal South African entourage. For the lineup for the different venues, click here. They also have an EP for free download and an interesting teaser. Click here for that.

This weekend they hit Cape Town. Now the very nice people from Griet have given me two double tickets to the shows. It could be a pair for each, or both pairs for one. You tell me where you want to go, and between myself and Griet, we will organise.

Information to be mailed to richardcoleking[at]gmail[dot]com:

Where you first heard about Johnny Foreigner:
Where you want to go (Assembly/Libertas):

The relevant dates are: 13 February @ The Assembly || 17 February @ Klein Libertas

Enter soon to avoid disappointment.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yeasayer :: O.N.E.

So after yesterday, you will remember that Yeasayer are releasing their second album, Odd Blood, next week. Here's another track from that forthcoming disc.

O.N.E. :: Yeasayer | zSHARE (link removed on request)

More Yeasayer

Moullinex mixes Cut Copy & Sebastien Tellier

Moullinex was given remix requests from the well-known artists, Tellier and CC (among others) and did some work to make them grand(er). Portuguese Munich based Luis Clara Gomes has been signed to Gomma Records since 2009 and is in the process of recording a full length album.

Kilometer (Moullinex Remix) :: Sebastien Tellier | zSHARE
Lights And Music (Moullinex Remix) :: Cut Copy | zSHARE

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The new Yeasayer album is out on 9 February 2010. This is an exciting treat for all music lovers. It's called Odd Blood, and was leaked on 10 December 2009. The band responded saying, "Presents are always spoiled for those who open them before they are supposed to."

Madder Red is one GREAT track off the forthcoming album. Go out and buy it. It's already got raving reviews.

Madder Red :: Yeasayer | zSHARE (link removed on request)


1. The Children
2. Ambling Alp
3. Madder Red
4. I Remember
5. O.N.E.
6. Love Me Girl
7. Rome
8. Strange Reunions
9. Mondegreen

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tigerstrike :: Xanax

Jonathan Muir from Tigerstrike just mailed me with a new exciting track. It's got a little nu-rave slash The Ghost Frequency sound to it, with the accompaniment of a rich sounding string quartet. I am pretty sure it's been put together on his mac, but it still sounds great. [On this point I was wrong as the below comment cements.] The track is called Xanax - a drug having something to do with relieving anxiety. Enjoy.

Xanax :: Tigerstrike | Mediafire

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Band of the Year: Kings of Leon disclose the failure of 2009.

So after a year of living it large with world fame and millions of fans, Kings Of Leon highlighted some regrets in an interview with SPIN.

Only by the Night is certified platinum in the U.S. Kings of Leon spend the summer playing The Today Show and headlining U.K. and American festivals (like Austin City Limits) alongside their heroes Radiohead and Pearl Jam.

NATHAN: If a band got to do just one of those things, it would pretty much be the highlight of their year. The Today Show was awesome 'cause they said I was the first person ever to drink a beer on the air at 6:15 a.m. And Lollapalooza and ACL were phenomenal because that was kind of our American homecoming. The night before ACL was the drunkest I got all year—thanks to one Edward Vedder.
CALEB: Ed actually called it immediately. He was one of the first people to hear Only by the Night, and he said, "You're about to ride a big wave." I don't even think he liked the record. But he knew immediately that we were about to go through something big.
JARED FOLLOWILL: When our manager told us we had sold a million records, I was blown away. But it's also kind of bittersweet. Once you go platinum, you're automatically considered not cool.
CALEB: We definitely got bigger than we wanted to be. You feel like you've done something wrong. That woman in mom jeans who'd never let me date her daughter? She likes my music. That's fuckin' not cool. You almost start doing damage control: When people ask you to do stuff, you're like, "No, because I can already tell this record is going to get to a level where people will fuckin' hate us."
NATHAN: When we started this band, our goal was to sell 10,000 records and put on one concert a year for 10,000 people. We did that 179 times on this tour.
CALEB: We used to play small clubs, go out to dive bars, drink with fans—it was a beautiful thing. Now you're backstage at a big arena with Walmart lighting, and they're not letting anyone in. Our real fans, the ones who've been there for the last five years, are in the front row pissed off. They'll turn their backs on us during "Sex on Fire" and "Use Somebody," put their middle fingers up. I get it. We're definitely sellouts. But when you have success like we've had, you kind of have to feed the masses. As corny as it sounds.
NATHAN: For every fan we lost by quote "selling out," we've probably gained five.
JARED: The first year I was in the band, I made $500. Now you start to feel like an asshole sometimes. You're on the plane, like, "Dude, it's been 30 minutes—where's my sushi?"

Read the full interview here.

Whitest Boy Alive - Erlend Øye

What do the bands, Kings of Convenience, The Whitest Boy Alive and Röyksopp have in common? Erlend Øye. The Norwegian is involved with all three. His latest side project (lets be honest, being involved with three successful acts makes them all side projects or none of them), is the Whitest Boy Alive is great. The Berlin based band released Rules in 2009, their second album which is played completely by the band ie, there is no programming or sequencing. That is cause for celebration. Not many acts take that option these days.

Burning :: Whitest Boy Alive | zSHARE

1517 :: Whitest Boy Alive | zSHARE

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ladyhawke :: Magic (The Swiss Remix)

Ladyhawke, from New Zealand/Aussieland was one of my most exciting discoveries of 2009. She is constant, predictable (making it easy on the ears) and unique. Listen to her and you'll know what I mean. I reckon that's why she's been such a success since hitting the scene. Myspace.

Also click here for the Magic video released by Island records in October.

Magic (The Swiss Remix) :: Ladyhawke | zSHARE