Monday, May 10, 2010

Attention all BANDS: Do you want 50k to make a music video?

In a first for South Africa, MK, DStv's leading rock and pop music channel, is commissioning 10 high quality music videos of South African artists valued at R50k each.

Dubbed the MK Music Video Project (MK MVP), MK is inviting production companies to approach any band they believe complements MK's progressive channel strategy and to pitch on their behalf. Similarly bands and record companies who would like to put their songs and ideas forward, should approach a South African production company to do so.

Says Victor Edward Eckard, Head of Content for MK: "The South African music and production industry offers a wealth of exceptional talent. Through MK MVP we hope to further stimulate this market and bring that talent to the fore, allowing our artists and production houses to show their true colours and in so doing offer our viewers compelling content."

The following should be taken into account when pitching for MK MVP 2010:

· MK MVP pitches are only open to South African production companies.

· The music videos need to meet the R50,000 budget and need to be of a high production value. In essence the videos need to raise the standard of music videos in South Africa.

· Bands who would like to pitch their tracks must do so through a recognized music video production company who, in turn, must follow the correct format.

· Only three music video pitches are allowed per production company.

The following information must be included in the pitch:

1. The MK MVP cover page. Go to for more info.

2. Company background and experience.

3. Show reel of previous work completed.

4. Crew list with crew experience (include CVs).

5. Music video treatment and creative with graphical and video references.

6. Complete budget breakdown of proposed music video production.

7. Artist biography, photo and press pack.

8. An MP3 version of the selected song (complete with the composer and record company / rights holder details).

Pitches will be selected based on the following criteria:

· The production company and crew experience as well as examples of previous work.

· Treatment and creative of the music video.

· Budget and production value.

· Artist / band profile and song choice (the songs will be chosen by an MK panel).

· How the music video concept complements the MK brand; how it speaks to the MK target market; and how well it fits within the Channel's look and feel.

Additional info:

· The decision for the music video commissions will rest with MK only and the decision will be final.

· The deadline for all pitches is 31 May 2010 and communication regarding the chosen ten will be received by the end of June 2010.

· The production companies chosen to create the videos must deliver the final product by 30 July 2010.

All pitches must be sent via email to

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Desmond winners and a HUGE show

So, last week I had two pairs of tickets to give away to Desmond's MONSTER show at Assembly. The two winners each got a pair.

My first winner sent me this pic:
His email subject line read, 'I'm using my sexuality to win tickets. i even photoshopped out my tat.' - Pity he didn't photoshop out his fat.

The second winner sent this pic through.
It's a mixture of the winners' names on something that looks like playdoe, I think (and of course a play on the name Desmond & The Tutus).

Anyway, Desmond & The Tutus played one of the best Cape Town shows ever. Better the second time around rings true in more ways that one for The Tutus. The last time they played at the Assembly it wasn't amazing - the sound was poor and the crowd were not feeling them. Monday's show was also their second show of the long weekend. They played on Friday night at a charity event at the Albert Hall. The sound was very poor which was a real pity, considering the quality of the rig they hired for the event.

But Monday night was crazy. Without the online portal to purchase tickets, people queued. It's been a while since I've seen queues outside the Assembly. Anyway, the bands started early! Desmond, the headliners for the night weren't expected on before about midnight, but took the stage at 22h45. They played an energy filled (and energy sapping for that matter) sets I've had the good pleasure of witnessing. Their was even something of a tame mosh-pit in motion and loads of crowd surfing. (The next trick will be to convince Shane to take the dive.) More than that, other than their new track, everyone sang along to every song.

On the cards for the Tutus going forward are two more trips overseas - France in June and Japan in September/October (TBC). Stay tuned for more.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Summer Obsession

Is Punk Rock cool again? I got an email asking me punt a band that sounds similar to Blink and Sum41. I never enjoyed those bands.

The Summer Obsession have just produced their 12 millionth release, just in time for our winter.

If you like, download the album from MediaFire.
They also have a VERY useless website (everything is coming soon...).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Desmond & The Tutus: Win Tickets

Last time I had held a competition for tickets to Desmond & The Tutus I got a couple of interesting motivations (the above pictures). Someone even sent in a song written as a motivation. I was impressed.

For Monday's show at Assembly, I have two pairs of tickets (four). Would you like a pair? Send me an email with your motivation. richardcoleking[at] Make it good. Competition closes on Friday. Winners will be contacted over the weekend (via email).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Desmond & The Tutus head back to Cape Town

This coming weekend is a long weekend for most. Schools have Monday off while most businesses will grant their minions leave for Monday. This makes next week a three day week.

What's more (and more importantly) Desmond & The Tutus will be in town this time next week to play a huge show on Monday night at The Assembly to welcome in Tuesday, Freedom Day.

They will be playing alongside some winners.
- DESMOND & THE TUTUS (headlining)

More info

Crystal Castles

As you may have read on we-are-awesome, Crystal Castles are releasing another self titled album in June. (The album is set for worldwide release on June 8.)

1. Fainting Spells
2. Celestica
3. Doe Deer
4. Baptism
5. Year of Silence
6. Empathy
7. Suffocation
8. Violent Dreams
9. Vietnam
10. Birds
11. Pap Smear
12. Not in Love
13. Intimate
14. I Am Made of Chalk

Sample one of the new tracks from the forthcoming album:

Celestica :: Crystal Castles | MediaFire

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Night with Aoki Part #2

On my way to the much anticipated Assembly show I thought back on the discussion we had with Steve Aoki only hours before. The man plays between 250 and 300 shows a year and he runs a record label and he sources new acts and and and. I knew I was in for a treat.

As I climbed the Assembly stairs with my friends the hype that had so long been building was realised. I was concerned though. The Skene brothers were busting out some huge tunes, to the point that I thought that the evening might be climaxing too soon. But I was wrong, and not for the first time.

Aoki took the stage after midnight with expectations brewing beyond some fans control. A particular young lady (I am sure she was just one of many) had far too much to drink and it wouldn’t be farfetched to suggest that she remembered very little of the evening’s proceedings.

Aoki’s fan interactions were second to none. He was crowd surfing within five or 10 minutes starting his show. WARP (Aoki’s Bloody Beetroots remix) was his second track and proved a crowd favourite to the point that he closed the show with it as well. At the beginning of the show the die-hard fans and electro junkies filled the immediate area in front of the stage. There was a healthy mix of girls and boys in the early periods. But soon it became too much. The rotation policy became standard for most. You would enter the fray, get sprayed with champagne by Aoki and get wet-through from a mixture of yours and others sweat, and dance (like that was even optional with everyone rubbing up on you). Personal space doesn’t exist, but no one complains.Then you would get out, rest, recuperate, get a drink and head back in for some more fun. If you were lucky Aoki would even crowd surf while you were in there. These gatherings weren’t violent mind you (as so often they can be). It was just that err’body wanted to be at the front, to touch him (on his studio), to get a better vantage point or get spotted by Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter. Louder than the music was the ongoing chant, "Steve!...Aoki! Steve!...Aoki! Steve!...Aoki! Steve!...Aoki!" Such a jol.

Assembly did really well hosting this year’s biggest event. I remember Bloody Beetroots last year was great, but you could see that the hosts learned a lot from that time. The stage was bigger and the fencing around the stage was more secure (not moving every time a forward surge was made by crazy wet fans).

Big up ya’ll. Next up: JUSTICE (please).