Monday, September 29, 2008


So this weekend is a pretty huge one on the music calender. Rocking the Daisies is going down and is going to be monstrous. This is an opportunity to go and listen to your favourite SA bands and no doubt meet some interesting characters. You get to camp in the nature and rough it for the weekend. This is well worth the cash, which is isn't that much considering what you get. You will get to see bands like New Loud Rockets, The Dirty Skirts, Fire through the Window, AKing, Fokof and so many more. For more info and tickets hop along to the website. Who knows, maybe you will get to meet Eagle Eye Cherry? Haha. I totally wish I could go, but unfortunately, I have exams starting this week.

Get there!! I am already regretting not going.

Industry Hair

How many bad hair styles are there in the music industry. It seems as though people are trying to make a statement with their hair. We all remember when good ol' Britney went mad and shaved her head.She then tried to cover it up with braids.
So Nasty!
How about American rockers, Leeland? This pic is their current pic on
So naff! Worst hair [centre guy] and worst beard [second from right]??
Don't get me wrong, these guys are awesome musicians with thought provoking lyrics. Maybe a little pop-like for my taste, but very good.

If we bring it closer to home, how about Davy Huson's half peroxide half roots hairstyle from a few months back?
Is he going to look back in 20 years (or less) and question what he did to himself? You know these kids are going to hate themselves when they grow up.
[above two pics from WAA]

It's interesting how one thing that is so accepted and even loved at one stage can be so hated and despised even just a year later. Remember the mullet? I loved my mullet. Now, I wouldn't be caught dead with a mullet. I have a friend who used to sport the mullhawk. That is a mullet and a mohawk on one head of hair. Special times.I think Andrew still has a mullet though?
I nearly had the opportunity to shave his head. We had a bet. Neither of us won. Sad.
Bonus Mullet photo.

p.m. with Nigel James Moore

Ok, so lets not forget about tomorrow. Just because the weekend is over and you have a long week ahead in the office does not mean you cannot come out. I wrote about Nigel Moore a couple of weeks back to tell you about his ep launch going down tomorrow night at the Waiting Room. The ep is called a.m. cocktails ep and was only recorded about a week ago! (Useless info, but I found it interesting. Generally these things can take months to complete.)

So check the trusty Facebook for details. Make an evening of it. Go for dinner at Royal and then go up for the gig. All the cool kids are doing it.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lost! - Coldplay

Just the other day (Heritage day), there was a concert broadcast on Mnet. Coldplay. It was the free show outside the BBC where there were only about 800 people inside the venue. Pretty awesome. But then again, most things with Coldplay involved are awesome.

Anyway, so today they uploaded to their site the latest music video from their album, Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. It's called Lost! and is the latest single from the album. Check out the video. Also, they have a new song that is not on the album for free download. Click here to download. Also, check out the video below of Lost! as performed outside the BBC.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Civil Twilight

You may have heard of the South African band, Superfine or The View. Hell, you may be old enough to remember them as Seraphim. If you ever saw them perform, you would have been quite stoked to have done so. Ok, maybe not as Seraphim, and to a degree, Superfine either. But The View are amazing. Anyway, they left a couple of years ago to try make it big in LA. On arriving, they were forced to change their name once again, because their is a talk show called The View in the States and there is another band in the UK called The View. Hence, Civil Twilight
Arguably their most well known song is Letters From the Sky. Watch the video below.

A long story short, they moved around the States a bit recording and
touring. Not too long ago, they released Human, the debut album 
under their new name. Recently, they signed up with NYC label Wind-
up Records. Now they are living in Tennessee and recording for their 
new album to hopefully be released in January 09.

Last week Thursday, an episode of One Tree Hill was broadcast on 
American television. For the last 6 minutes of episode, another Civil 
Twilight song was played. This song is called Quiet In My Town. In 
the four hours that proceeded the show, Itunes sold about 3000 of 
their songs! They featured at number 12 on most songs sold in one 
day. Pretty awesome for three boys from Cape Town!

Check out their Facebook page, their Myspace and their Website.

More from Jousteece

[I was at this show]
So here are two more videos that Justice have put together. They are not new, but I hadn't seen them yet, and so being the thoughtful person I am, I thought I would post them for general listening and viewing.

The first is one of my favourites, DVNO.

The second is Phantom Pt. II. It's pretty boring, but the tune is wicked.

Props to Popsickle for pointing these videos out! I saw Justice in London. How much would you be prepared to pay for a ticket if they came to SA?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Oh Craigy Boy

Pretoria sensation Desmond & the Tutus have recently been on MK to be interviewed, to perform and for little Craig to show us a thing or two about drums on a monster kit. I would hate to be the guy that interviewed Shane. He doesn't find it hard to make an ass of the presenter. Shame. He doesn't do much better in the New Loud Rockets interview either though.

I wanted to post the drumming video, but its not working.

Be sure to check out MK for more interviews and the like on SA bands.

[pic from WAA]

Dear John is it true?

[Pic from WAA (where else?)]
For the multitude who crammed into the Waiting Room in Long Street to see Dear John Love Emma's first gig, and Romney's last on Saturday night, here is a pleasant surprise. Rom had a meeting at work on Monday to discuss the matter of him moving on or not, and they offered him a "great position here" - his words. He took it. He is staying on in SA and therefore in the band.

If you were unfortunate enough (like me) to miss Saturday, keep your eyes peeled for their next gig. From the reports I got, they are a really exciting new act. Even 8-bit had one or two nice things to say. How novel.

CD Review: The Plastics EP

So, The Plastics released their new EP in June. Not mind blowing, but then again, what is these days? When was the last time you bought a mind blowing album or EP? The last time I bought a CD that phenomenal was when I was 13. It was Britney Spears’ first album. Oh yes. I was so proud.

Anyway, with definite Anthony Kiedis (RHCP front man) and Blur influences, The Plastics put together something not run of the mill, which is refreshing. Unfortunately, without actually seeing them play live, it’s a little difficult to make an informed decision about whether I like this band, but I can imagine these songs going down well at a gig. Interesting songs, not sure what they are about, but the entertainment factor is there.

Having said all the above, this new EP is worth a purchase for the music collection. For those cheapskates who prefer to download your music free, The Plastics have catered for you as well. Click here to freely download their hard work.
Also, while you are at it, check out their music video.

Monkey Simulation

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Isochronous: a band name to practice saying in front of the mirror

Premier gigging venue, The Assembly played host to first timer’s Isochronous and the familiar faces of Yesterday’s Pupil, Kidofdoom and djing legend, Sassquatch.

Sassquatch got things under way with a trend setting electro set that is always expected from someone of his class. Following him, Yesterday’s Pupil came on for his second Assembly performance. Average.

By far the highlight of the evening was the outfit that is Isochronous. Richard, front man of Isochronous also happens to play for Kidofdoom. Isochronous came on stage with a very evident agenda; to please what has been termed the toughest crowd in South Africa. With exciting melodies, clean experimental guitar riffs and chronic varied drumming, Isochronous (in my opinion) stole the show. Safe to say, most of the crowd had not been exposed the PTA boys live performance, but were soon won over by the aforementioned talent. With a complementary hint of Kidofdoom influence present in the music, Isochronous presents a refreshing standard lift to “Indie Rock” in South Africa.

Following them were the very well known act that is Kidofdoom. Every time they play, they fail to disappoint. Solid, compact and ever growing in maturity and stage presence.

All in all, the Pretoria line up showed Cape Town a real good time. Even Craig from Desmond was there.

[pics from we are awesome]

Friday, September 19, 2008

A weekend in the city

For the first time in a while, Cape Townians are truly spoilt for choice this weekend. Tonight features an all Pretoria lineup at The Assembly with the familiar heroes whose lyricless melodies speak louder than any words could, KidofDoom. They are joined by DJ Sassquatch (one of the organisers of Sovereign Academy parties we were treated to one of earlier in the year), Yesterday's Pupil and Isochronous. Click here for the event page. Also Cat String Theory and Kings of Vegas are playing at Mercury Live tonight.

Saturday night features an interestingly diverse selection of music. Cape Town is simply bound to fancy at least one party. At The Assembly, Fokofpolisiekar of the Northern Suburbs are playing for those who are that way inclined. For those more into House/electro/rave, the now long standing party of Arcade is happening at, dare I say it, the Bang Bang Club. Then, my personal favourite, Dear John Love Emma are launching into the whole performance thing with their very first public appearance at the Waiting Room after which they will also all be dj'ing. For more info on Dear John Love Emma click here.

Too much for one weekend? That's what I thought.

But wait there is more. Tuesday, the day before the oh-so-welcome public holiday, The Arrows are playing with King of Town, Lapse and Magnum Hi-Fi at The Assembly. Click here for the event page. Similtaneously, Fiction is going off with Going Steady, Lapse, Tommy Gun and HAASBROEK (Mystic Boer). The event is called Untamed Youth.

Do it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Rafi ByeBye Rom

This Saturday, an interestingly named Cape Town band is initiated. It’s the first night out for Dear John Love Emma, a conservative seven piece act featuring instruments like the euphonium and mandolin among other more “conventional” instruments. This is a NOT TO MISS evening at The Waiting Room in Long Street (Above Royal).

More than just being special for the fact that it’s the beginning, it’s special because it is also the last time Romney will be playing. He is moving back to the UK where he spent some time working a couple of years back. Also, Rafi celebrates his birthday on the same night.

If you are keen for a night out of the ordinary, with music to listen to rather than to always dance dance dance to; if you have goodbyes to say, or birthday wishes to deliver; then come along to The Waiting Room for bit of fun.
emma   john
Following the formal performance, the entire band will be dj’ing to celebrate good times with Rafi and Rom and everyone who is not ready to call it a night.

If you like bands like Arcade Fire and Beirut, you will definitely find a soft spot for Dear John Love Emma. Have a look at their Myspace Page for a musical sample and click here for the FB event page. See you Saturday...

Nigel James Moore

On 30 September (a Tuesday evening) Nigel Moore from the band that used to live, Howard Roark, will be playing a one off gig to promote is latest solo EP, called a.m. cocktails. I say "one off" because if my sources are anything to go by, Moore is leaving Cape Town for London and then, quite interestingly, he is moving to New Zealand indefinitely.

The gig is at the Waiting Room above Royal (the burger place) in Long Street. Check out the FB invite and his so-rough-it-does-him-more-harm-than-good recordings of the songs we can expect to hear come that Tuesday night. It will sound a whole lot better, I assure you.

The band for the night is made up of a few interesting characters, namely Nigel Moore, the brothers, David and Stephen Huson from the New Loud Rockets and a new kid, Timothy Cole King (drums).
[Initial pic from WAA]
This is what I imagine the setup will look like. Some differences though, Nigel will be taller, Dave won't be so bright, Tim will have a t-shirt on and a drum kit, and Steve won't change (he doesn't have very many outfits).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Members, #3: David Huson

Next up in our Members series, is David Huson the bassist from New Loud Rockets. He also happens to be the fashion trail blazer of the band while studying Dentistry at UWC.

1. What is your earliest musical memory?

If referring to pseudo-participation, then definitely my rendition of treble-clef-flair, whilst sharing a piano stool with my father. Christmas carols from a book with a particularly pretty cover.
Otherwise, trying to pajama-sidestep to MC Hammer.

2. What are your biggest musical influences?

Home (where the heart is; with brothers, parents and the like).
The weight of the world.
Childhood (the happy parts of adolescence, too).
Oh, and, Michael Jackson.

Also featuring guest appearances from: Television (Marquee Moon), Red Hot Chili Peppers (ah, pre-pubescent summertime), Shout Out Louds (“Trackin’ and a trainin’” is how I seem to live my life)…yes, The Strokes too, and a host of obscure, ultra-indie-electro-thrash/thrash/thrash band names that I’d like to make reference to here.

3. What is your fondest band memory?

Possibly our first show in Stellenbosch, upstairs within the Hidden Cellar. It marked our first performance with Desmond & The Tutus. The evening I met you too, Rich. Stephen, John and I proceeded to mount the stage and dance – maniacally – to their set. Or, maybe the time we slept in what seemed like a concentration camp dormitory, stumbling in after a show (the small hours of the morning), and someone left a note in my shoe (in lipstick; I might add) that read “I heart KidOfDoom”.

4. What do you do when you are not playing music?

Hanging with Jesus. (In a sincere way.)
Video store - clerking-it, um…yo.
Running. (The road and I.)
Investigating the intricacies of beard growing.
Invading peoples’ personal space in an attempt to help them feel better about their smiles. (Yes, that’s how I justify it.)
Surrounding myself with teeth, mouths and such pleasant things that Dentistry has to offer.
It’s a modest business. But, we get by.

5. What band are you listening to at the moment?

MGMT. I know it’s no “revolutionary” answer. I can dig that.
I guess, ‘I’m feeling rough, I’m feeling wrong in the time of my life’.
You know, ‘picking insects off plants – no time to think of consequences’.

6. What is the next big fashion accessory in the “Indie” world?

The BetaMax-cassette-suspended-from-a-shoelace-around-one’s-neck.
(Contrary to popular believe it is NOT the headband. Total fashion faux.)

7. When are we expecting a feature length album from the New Loud Rockets?

Our Commerce department (i.e. my brother, Stephen) has been swamped with accounts, trying to make sense of our year-end financial statements. We’re not quite financially sound as of yet – to venture down the path of a feature length album. But, we’re optimistic cats. Sometime in the very near, future present. We hope.

8. Who is the craziest member of the band?

I would have to say…Bernard - our invisible oboe player and resident, band badminton champion. Hands-down.

9. Have you ever been stalked by a fan?

A bizarre girl, who previously stayed in an apartment near the park where I once lived, would phone me, arbitrarily, to ask me stuff. I quite obviously never had the correct answers (or any at all) to her questions. I am not especially good with being blunt, and so, interrogations would continue (to undesirable lengths). There is a pending fear that if I ever see her again, she might beat me into submission – for avoiding her – as she boasts an impressive body mass index (for a junior Ukrainian weightlifter).
There was also this golf instructor from Tygervallei, Willie, who continued to buy me drinks one night, after a show of ours.

10. What are your personal dreams for the band?

Romantic, celebrity entanglements involving Natalie Portman or Keira Knightley. (A good friend of mine, James Boonzaier – from Howard Roark infamy, and the infamy that goes with being ludicrously tall, too – have a running debate as to whether they are in fact the same person.) I just hope for his sake they are two, separate human beings, ‘cause we all know the appeal of a man of average height and untamed facial hair.
Having a message; that a kid hears when he’s eating his cereal in the morning. While listening to the radio, or when watching television, and he realises something. Something most other kids won’t see or feel. And, he wants to let them know; the other kids. So, he draws it or writes or portrays it in the form of interpretive dance.
(Ok, maybe not like that. But, something along those lines.) Inspiring someone, deeply, maybe?

11. Anything else?

Yeah, I would like show how to solve one of those Chinese finger puzzles...or, the Rubix cube.
A quote would be good right now, like David Starsky’s ‘Be yourself. That’s what’s really cool.’ But, I can’t think of any.

So that’s my good friend and New Loud Rockets band member David. If you want to see David and the rest of the NLR perform some time soon, you can! Hop along to the Rocking the Daisies in early October and see them perform alongside some other big SA bands and some not so big SA bands. If you are patient, you may even get to see one of the biggest international washed up has been of the 90’s! Drum roll……… Eagle Eye Cherry!

Go along, it’ll be fun. No really, there are some exciting acts. I wish I could be going. I have exams.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Members, #2: James Boonzaier

So, next up in our Members series is electric guitarist James Boonzaier from the once was band, Howard Roark. I think he read the answers from Doug's interview before answering the following questions.
  1. What are you studying? With the aim of doing what?

I’m studying a BSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering with the aim of getting very very rich…so that Doug can sleep at my house. Because Desmond and the Tutus isn’t a very good band - they won’t be able to afford houses.

  1. Howard Roark behind you, what lies ahead? Any new exciting musical endeavours?

I’m currently practicing for my audition with Desmond and the Tutu’s. They’re the best band in the world.

…Jokes aside; since the split I’ve been writing quite a bit. No long term plans, but I’m looking at getting it all together towards the end of the year. Tell your friends.

  1. What do you do in your spare time?

I write songs. Don’t you listen? And I work on my very awesome motorcar known to many as Ringo. Ringo is a Volkswagen Beetle. He Is a boy. He is rad. He is almost new and very loud…almost like a rocket.

  1. Who has been your greatest musical influence over the years?

That would be the guitarist from Desmond and the Tutus. I don’t know his name. He’s the best guitarist in the world. Other than him: Sting, Nic Valensi. 60’s and 70‘s folk…I recommend: Steppenwolf, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Dylan, America (listen to Ventura Highway, then stone Janet Jackson.)

  1. What are you listening to at the moment?

Doug stole my answer…so aside from The Black Keys, Tuck Shop – Desmond and the Tutu’s (available from most Look ‘n Listen stores), Fleetwood Mac, aKing…and I must confess, there’s been a bit of the Howard Roark, Main Attraction EP (available from Ringo’s cubbyhole).

  1. Who is your favourite South African band at the moment?

Desmond and the Tutus. But I like all South African music exactly the same amount.

  1. If there was an internationally recognised band that needed an electric guitarist, what band would you like to play for?

Thieve. They’re not actually internationally recognised yet. They’re from Durbanville. They asked me to play for them last year, but ironically, now that I’m available, they don’t want me anymore. This is not a joke. Thieve is going to be better than Desmond and the Tutus.

  1. Do your dreams for the future lie in music or in engineering or both?

Well, obviously if it happens, music, but that depends whether I get that spot with Desmond and the Tutus. If I don’t I definitely won’t be doing engineering. It’s boring. I’m going into Industrial Design when I finish my course. I’m planning to study design in Europe; probably England or the Netherlands.

  1. Finally, do you read blogs? If so, which are your top 3 frequented blogs?

I don’t speak Klingon…what’s a blog?

So thats James. He is not as much of a retard as he lets on in this interview. Watch out for an interview with Dave from NLR soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do Alternative Celebs like the attention?

[Pic from WAA]
Celebrities that go out in public to the places we go, are they looking for attention? Do they enjoy getting photos taken of them with strangers? Or do they just put up with it (those who do) because fans are fickle and might turn on them if they do not oblige? Would they prefer to be like everyone else and not noticed because they play in a kinda big deal band or act in high profile movies? Jared Leto seems to be the "put up with it" kinda guy. Jeremy (Dirty Skirts front man) seems to be stoked with the attention on stage, but once the shows over, it is over, leave him alone. No photos please. But then is Jeremy a real celebrity? At what stage are you regarded as a celebrity? Are the New Loud Rockets celebrities? And Nigel Moore?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday Night Fever

The whose-who of Cape Town came out to play on Friday night at The Assembly, for a spectacular evening of music and good company. On arrival all females received a Reebok shoe key ring, a great touch to the party.

Dj Low kicked off the night with a brilliant set of mixed music genres, ranging from reggae to a Desmond and the Tutus remix. People started hitting the floor, and began to warm up for The Beams.

Fifteen minutes before the performance, the dance floor could not be seen. Bodies were squeezed together like sardines to watch The Beams. As per-usual, Paul’s dancing either gets you going or makes you laugh, but either way you have a good time. Shake Shake, baby. Faces were seen bobbing up and down as girls mounted their boyfriends....shoulders. Epileptic looking dance moves became the norm and pretense was thrown to the wind as the party heated up.

The progress from the band is amazing. From an almost shy stage presence (Paul excluded) to flamboyant extroversion from the guitarist and bassist, The Beams are definitely extending their rays. Let us not forget that these guys also like to party, as Paul took a short vomit break between songs, turned around looked up at the crowd, smiled and sayed “all better now!” The party went on.

Gazelle: What an unusual bunch of guys. The outfits on stage were indie-come-african-tribe. The performance was better than the usual and this could be credited to the live band that accompanied them. The performance was an African theme and sound was a fresh blend of Dub, electro-synth mixed with Johnny Clegg. A unique experiment that they credit to the African Renaissance, “African Chic”. These guys have a colourful presence that mixes Africa with the West, merging cultures and creating a great mood for the dance. They guys rock. Proudly (South) African. The band is made up of Xander Ferreira and Nick Matthews (Coda and the Iridium project). As they say “The focus is to create authentic Afrikan Elektronik Dance Musik.” And they want to begin the process in Cape Town, the Mother city of creation.

Sibot, an old favourite of the scene, closed off the night and played some of his golden oldie Real Estate Agent stuff and some new things. So the young and old could relate to everything. For those who came for the djs a chill out section in Assembly was the way for them. With foosball tables and arcade computer games that take you back to your childhood.

Nothing was lacking on Friday night.

Post by Kate Roux

Keep an eye out for pics from this event on WAA!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


OVERTONE is proud to announce that ZIMFEST 08, South Africa’s first Fundraising music festival for Zimbabwe, will now be held in the main arena of the indoor Good Hope Centre on Saturday, September 6th!
The headline artists need little introduction. Already a big buzz on the Cape Town events calendar, ZIMFEST 08 will feature leading performances from Freshlyground, The Rudimentals, The Dirty Skirts and seventeen other live acts.

Confirmed lineup:







All the funds raised by ticket sales will go toward
PASSOP's work with Zimbabwean refugees and people seeking asylum in South Africa.

Come on Cape Town! If ever there was a worthy cause to bust some moves to, this is one. Firstly, you get to do something for someone else, and secondly, you get to see quality acts and listen to loads of live music.


Neon tights and laser lights

Yes ladies and gents, it is Friday nights extravaganza at The Assembly:

The Beams



Dj Low

Prepare for lights and action. Dance away the week’s frustrations on the floor and maybe meet someone real nice… how could one pass up a culmination of live acts and top djs? The locals consist of The Beams which always please, the new comers, Gazelle (amazing act) and old timer and favourite Sibot will be scratching the turntables along with dj Low. Gazelle will also be playing with a live band for the first time EVER and they will perform 2 NEW TRACKS.

Come now kids, give into your desires and show face. There’s something for everyone and Reebok will be giving away nice goodies and shoes…who could resist!

9 - 10:45 - dj low - FREE ENTRANCE TILL 10PM then R30 thereafter
10:45 - 11:30 - The Beams
11:45 - 12:30 - Gazelle
12:30 - close - Sibot

C’mon…give in.

By Kate Roux

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire

The first video from Kings of Leon off their forthcoming album, Only By The Night, out on the 23rd of September. It features the lads looking like steamy bastards. Check it out.

Sex On Fire

Justice - behind the scene

So, I was looking at other blogs, as one does, and I came across this video documentary, which kinda shows a little of the other side of Justice. Quite interesting, it is set to a very slow remix of DANCE, obviously.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Will the Joker ever really die?

The character of Joker seems has taken the world by storm. Just about everyone has been affected in some way or another by the Joker. Does Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip look a little like the Joker in the video Ready for the Floor? It's a really original electro video. Check it out.

The rest of the album, Made in the Dark is also champion and well worth a listen and purchase.

P is for Posers

The partnership of A is for Awesome was launched on Friday at the Reception. Despite the turbulent, stormy weather, Cape Town music and fashion lovers were out in numbers to support this new and very original endeavor.
Traditionally a clothing boutique, astore and party pics celebs we-are-awesome came together a while back with the idea of bringing Cape Town something new. And new it was. As opposed to the usual only indie kids party, there were strange cats from all over. Some old, some young, some jock, some queer, some indie and some specialties.
With Dario (astore) making music and Andrew and Sean (we-are-awesome) taking photos, it could mean only one thing, massive dance moves and bigger poses. And goodness, were there poses. A very good start to a potentially huge partnership. Sources tell me, they are already planning number 2 and 3. Look out for it Cape Town. It is not to be missed.

Party pics by we are awesome

Paradiso + infereno aka The High Priestess vs. The Devil.

The evening was set. The apocalyptic rain storm and gail force winds set the scene for the rising of The High Priestess and Devil to collaborate in one of this years most interesting acts to battle it out on The Assembly platform.

K.O.B.U.S. (SAMA awarding winning Metal band) and none other than Inge Beckmann (lead singer of the former band Lark, also a SAMA award winner for Best Alternative Act) got together to collaborate for the Paradiso+infereno gig. This gig was a SA music fans fantasy, even if one doesn’t like metal, Inge is hot! The ethereal high notes and ground shattering bass notes that culminate and release from Miss Beckmann’s throat will raise the hairs on the back of your neck whilst the beastly demonic thrash-metal sounds of K.O.B.U.S. create a perfect juxtaposition yet equilibrium of harmonious and sinfully sensual sounds.

The crowd change at Assembly was a big change from the usual Nu Rave, skinny jean, Tommy takkie kids to what one could call “kids from the dark side”. Yes offense.

The change was needed. The gig was a breath of fresh yet alternative air to the usual indie-kid scene in Cape Town.

The black apparel and spikes were out with force on Saturday night along with some top SA performances and original sound. Let’s keep the collaborations coming. Support SA music kids.


Post by Kate Roux

Monday, September 1, 2008

O' The Places You'll Go - Stellenbosch

Harris Tweed - known for their sweet folk tunes - along with close friends Zebra & Giraffe - who have recently released their debut album “Collected Memories” - started off their Western Cape leg of their ‘O The Places You’ll Go tour on Thursday 28 August. This event took place at the oh-so-quaint Klein Libertas Theatre in Stellenbosch.I was to write an Afrikaans exam the following day, but I was going to the gig regardless. With acts like these two, you’d be a fool to miss it!Harris Tweed started the evening off with a little bit of a drama performance revealing their newly adopted name: Dear Reader. (The name change comes in light of legal requirements.) The change of name is a lot more applicable to their style of music. Once the crowd took their seats (yes, we were seated) the band blew us away with their sweet melodies, awesome bass guitar skills and heavenly harmonies. We were introduced to a few new songs which will soon be made known to all upon the release of their new album.

After a short 15 minute break the crowd assembled once more waiting in anticipation for the phenomenon known as Zebra & Giraffe. The band came on stage and we got our money’s worth. With songs like Arm Yourself and Oxymoron you couldn’t help but bust out your moves. Joining Zebra & Giraffe on stage for the out-of-this-world performance of The Knife was Dear Reader lead singer Cherilyn Macneil. With Greg Carlin’s (Zebra & Giraffe main-man) deep vocals and Cherilyn’s beautiful voice the chorus was one to remember.Next up on the tour road is Knysna, Port Elizabeth, East London and ending off in Durbs. Scrape every last cent together; this is an event not to be missed.

Post and photos by Helen Elizabeth