Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Rants of a Sunday evening

Cape Town is a really good place to be...PERIOD. There is so much to do, all the time. If you were not in the mood for going to a gig or dancing this weekend, there was the Good Food & Wine Festival. I rocked that out, then broke it down at MARVEL. FACT!! I am not ashamed. Should I be?

If you were in the mood for gig, you would have been a fool to miss Van Coke on Friday at Mercury. I am sure Franci and the Badenhorst worshipers that gathered enjoyed it.

Have you listened to the new Phoenix album? I have heard so many good things about it, everyone keeps telling me to get it. So I will, and review it sometime this week. Promise.

cevron have a new post. No, I did mean to say 'have'. I was a little bored by it. It seems as though they have lost a little something that the old blog and first couple of posts of the new blog had. Sad. Anyway, let's hope we see better. [Click for post]

Shane Durrant of the slightly scarce band, Desmond & the Tutus, has a self titled picture blog (self titled in that Shane is super duper). It's quite random, but interesting. Click the SUPER DUPER image to have a look. On that, Desmond & the Tutus have updated their blog a little with pics and clips. Click below.
I also started like a small library of cool downloadable tracks on the blog. It's for sampling purposes (of course). If for whatever reason their is a track you like, but you can't download it, mail me, and I will send it to you. Cool. This is for those who follow me on a reader rather than visiting the blog. I just posted the Empire of the Sun Lapse remix in the library. Sweet.

I start a new job tomorrow. Happy thoughts.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Rom's Swan Song

On Tuesday night Dear John Love Emma played a full full show at Waiting Room. It was cosey. There was no where to sit. Between songs they seemed a little confused as to what to do, looking at one another self-consciously, as if to whisper, 'which song is next?' 'What do we do now?' But once that was decided and the music began again, it was lovely. The set ended a little too soon for my liking, and others attending. Emma was forced to sing another one, the "water rushing" song.
Ludwig is the best band member. FACT! His violin skills are magical and he rocks out.It was also Rom's last show. It was sad to have to say goodbye to him. Let's hope he comes back one day and plays again.Who is this girl? The girl on the left? I met her at The Waiting Room. I thought she was fun.
[pics from We Are Awesome]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fokof Movie - "forgive them for they know not what they do"

Fokofpolisiekar are almost done with their "Fokumentary" (after 2 and a half years), "forgive them for they know not what they do". From this short trailer, you get a sense that something awesome is going to happen in the feature length edition. The cinematography in the short is out of this world (in my opinion).

The first screening of this film will be at the
Encounters Film Festival 2009 in Cape Town between the 2-19 July. Kinda rough dates, I am sure they will be narrowed closer to the time. Even Blaise Janichon (or Bladsye as Franci calls him) makes an appearance . Enjoy...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dear John Love Emma at Waiting Room

[pic from WAA]
If you missed out on Dear John Love Emma's show on Friday night at Labia (which I heard was interesting), they will be playing one last show for a few months on Tuesday at Waiting Room.

It's going to be Rom's last show (for real this time). He is going to the UK next month, indefinitely. I had a drink with DJLE on Saturday, and they are sad to be saying goodbye to Rom, but are not looking to replace him. Useless trivia. Use it, don't use it.

Come down on Tuesday and say cheers to the creative mind and friend that is Romney Taylor.

They are starting at about 10pm.

Event page.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Mystery that is cevron...

So, the search for cevron is in full swing. There is an entire blog dedicated to discovering who the writer of 8-bit city is. This mystery Anonymous writer even suspected the likes of We-Are-Awesome, Emma or Rafi (from Dear John Love Emma), Me or others. Check out the blog.

Today, the lads from Baseline started a series called WHO IS CEVRON ? Today they suggested Sean Mc veigh. I think they are full of it. I think they know who cevron is.

Have people considered that it may be more than one person? Maybe a team? Just a thought, not that I really care...anymore.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sassquatch on the decks

Mr Benjamin ‘Sassquatch’ Rausch made a mix. It’s huge. It’s called "The Light at the End of the Tunnel was a Soul Train". If you feel like a big download, do it.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel was a Soul Train - Sassquatch (Mediafire)

Also, he resurrected his long dead blog, So Many Animal Calls. Take a mosey.

Civil Twilight - New Site

USA based South African band, Civil Twilight are making inroads into the hearts of American fans, and pretty much everyone else who either hears their music or sees their front man.

For what seems like ages, Civil Twilight have been recording their debut self titled album under Wind Up Records. It is now set for release in July, July 7th to be exact. There will be a new single, for this I cannot wait. It's called 'Next to Me' and will be available from 12 May. There is already a review of the album up on Hybrid.

Oh, so the real reason I was blogging was to say, go check out CT's new website. It's pretty cool. It also has some new steamy pics of the band.

They also kinda have a blog that they have been running poorly, but this promises to change.

Go go! Oh, and don't mistake drummer, Richard Wouters for Dominic Howard.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero - Music Video

Typically behind the times, I just watched the Zero video off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It's Blitz. It's very cool. Check it below. If, it doesn't work, as sometimes Myspace videos don't, click here to watch it on Youtube.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

Even 5fm have got hold of this album. And on that note, what is going on with 5fm anyways? I can't turn the radio on without hearing MGMT or Empire of the Sun. The other day, they played and raved about Ida Maria. I never ever thought that would happen. What's next? Juliette and the Licks? Everything is changing. I never thought that that really 'alt' band would get on the radio either. What are their names again? Oh yes, Kings of Leon. [What a sad story.] Are bands that have been typically "not mainstream" feeling the financial crunch and so adapting their sound for the masses? Check out a Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix on my previous post.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ashtray and Thieve launch...

Ashtray Electric are launching their album, Bonjour, while Thieve are playing their first Cape Town show. It's going to be exciting. DJs Sideshow and Lapse will be bringing up the rear (one would think) to make sure the party goes on long into the night. It's a much anticipated show. Let's hope the storm doesn't dampen people's spirits.

When? Saturday (16 May)
Where? Assembly
More info? Facebook invite

Zebra & Giraffe - In My Eyes

Hey, so finally the Z&G video is on Youtube and on my blog. Nice. As promised, here is "In My Eyes".

Click for my thoughts on the video.

Look at the kid being beaten up? That's Darren, the drummer. And notice Alan (guitarist) is one the guys beating Darren up. Who says its just Greg's video?!

Lazy blog posts

So, Eddie Izzard's genius allows me to create a lazy blog post. Imagine if there was a canteen on The Death Star and Vader frequented it...


Zille vs ANCYL

Jeremy Nell, a talented political cartoonist depicts the school like reactions of Zille to the Youth League and vice versa. I saw her yesterday in town. She has four massive black and coloured security guards. Did she have to lower her standards to that of the uneducated Zuma/Malema combination? It's not dissimilar to the childish comments of Anonymous that seem to plague this blog. Oh, and on that note, if you want to comment on anything without being identified, please do so under some other alias, Anonymous is now taken by whoever that character with pent up anger is. If you have NO idea what I am talking about, click here.


Monday, May 11, 2009

My President

It's a good thing to know my president has the moves. I am so riveted.

Kidofdoom - Assembly - Plastics - Codec vs Sound

Friday night was great. Kidofdoom headlined the Griet launch party at Assembly. They were supported by The Crapsticks, Codec vs Sound and Haezer. It was also the beginning of an era where Assembly was able to allow patrons to purchase alcohol until 4am. You would have thought that the incentive would have attracted more people. Still, it was about two-thirds full. Fun times.

I arrived soon after The Plastics went on, much to my disgust. Anyway, I had a listen. Before, I have said they sound almost exactly the same as Arctic Monkeys. It seemed for this show, they alternated their sound between two British rock bands in Arctic Monkeys (obviusly) and The Kooks. Good job guys. Are you hoping people are going to start associating FAKE with THE PLASTICS? That would be witty, considering the nature of your name.

The other acts were awesome. Kidofdoom followed Plastics with an explosive performance of new songs that a lot of Cape Town would not have heard. The ever famous Ghost Busters track was a big winner with fans.

Codec vs Sound were very surprising. They played hugely fat tunes that had people dancing. Unfortunately though, after Kidofdoom the exodus trickle began. I guess this partying at Assembly after 2am thing is going to take some getting used to. By 2am, half the people had left, including me.

It was a good night though.

Pics are coming soon. Waiting on photographers; figures.

Pioneering a new movement...

In response to 8-bit: Cevron wouldn't you say it's a bad time of year to start THIS KIND of movement? It seems to me that it's just getting colder, and people are putting more clothes on, not taking them off? But I got no issues with getting my kit off.

Friday night kinda died early.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Heart New Magazines

The last few days I have been reading a new magazine, called Voice Magazine. They have just released the Pilot Issue. A very interesting concept. Unlike publications such as Chew, you read the entire magazine online.

This issue features a number of locals.
Johnny Neon (muso)
Jadan McCulough (New Loud Rockets)
Blaise Janichon (Assembly Manager)
Gabi-Lee Smit (model)
Sean Sassen and Andrew Berry (we-are-awesome kids)
Bevan Davis (photographer)

Oh, and many more interesting articles and pictures. The we-are-awesome article was most interesting.

There are also a few interesting music videos, most of which we've seen by now.

Check it out.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remember the Bloody Beetroots?

So remember when the Bloody Beetroots came to SA (more specifically Cape Town)? They played an inspiring high energy set that left every one rather sweaty.

Blaise uploaded a video from the night, check it.

Photos from WAA

New Assembly Closing Time

Assembly are so proud to announce a new closing time. From tomorrow night, they will be closing at 4am, permanently. Congrats guys. In commemoration of this historic event, Kid Of Doom (PTA) are headlining, and The Plastics, Haezer and Codec vs. the Sound are supporting. From 2-4am, Magnum Hi-Fi will be playing a monster set.

Be there for fun and dancing. Cevron is hoping to see some nudity. Will he get his wish?

See you there kids.

Music Video: Zebra & Giraffe - In My Eyes

Good news Sports fans! Zebra & Giraffe have just released their latest music video, off their deluxe Collected Memories album. So, if you are like me and just have the regular Collected Memories album, you may feel a little hard done by.

Anyway, the video is a look at Greg's dark past. You know, all the muso's kill for love at some point in their career. It was only released today and so unfortunately is not yet on Youtube. But as soon as it is, I will post it.

Click here to enjoy it on Facebook so long.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bored Sheep Herders and their dogs

Is it true that extreme boredom could lead to acts of utter genius? Herding sheep has been taken to a new level with this video.

What you think?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Positives to being Muslim or Jewish

Cameron Foden - The Samson Syndrone - Exhibition

Last night, Cameron Foden, a young designer from Cape Town had an exhibition of nice clothes. This Autumn Winter collection is the designer's first solo collection. I went along under the impression we were going to a fashion show. It was not a fashion show. It was inspiring though.

I really enjoyed a lot of what I saw. A large favourite amongst onlookers (certainly me) was his 'black plated jacket'. It is made of acrylic and enamel on polyester felt."And Samson said, "Let me die with the Philistines." And he bowed himself with all his might; and the house fell upon the lords, and upon all the people that were within. So the dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his entire life." - Judges 16v30

This Bible quote was at the bottom of his biography. I meant to ask why, but never got around to it. Good story though.

If you want to see more of his stuff, you can go here.

Skirts caught in a Dirty act

I have a brother who has jock tendencies, much like James Boonzaier and the Huson brothers. On occasions they tend to venture into places where people request the dj to play Goldfish and the like. You know what I mean.........Dario?

Anyway, last night was one of those nights. He went to Chevelle, a hundred metres up the road from Assembly, attracting boys who dress in Dad's blazor, dads trying to rediscover their youth and girls competing for the prize of shortest dress and biggest heels. I am trying to build this up, to create some suspense, but without much luck I fear. In fact, by now you are barely reading, more like skimming to actually get to what I am trying to divulge. The Dirty Skirts played at Chevelle last night.

That's all I have to say. Oh, and would you call them sell outs? They have played with Goldfish before, hence their latest video.

Mixed vibes at Assembly leave listeners unsure

It's been a week, a week needed to way up the many opinions about the diversity that was offered on a plate to music enthusiasts last Friday.

Dear John Love Emma, Shadowclub and Johnny Neon played to a mixed, average sized crowd. The three bands offered three very different styles or genres of music, creating something of a staggered evening. Flow was not the aim of the game.

By now, you will agree that DJLE are classically compared to Arcade Fire and Beirut, while Shadowclub (who I had never heard of let alone heard) opened with what I thought would be a Wolfmother cover. [I even tried to sing Wolfmother lyrics over it, it almost worked.] Then, the main attraction, Johnny Neon without former visuals genius, Ben Rausch, played an OH-SO-AVERAGE set made of a pop techno sound and bad vocals making the two opening acts look GREAT. Sad reality for a band (of two) who rocked out so hard at Sovereign Academy some time ago (as remembered by Cevron).

I am still a little unsure of what to make of the evening, but Johnny Neon dissapointed (gross understatement) and DJLE are improving all the time.

[pic from WAA, you know, the guys with the Puma ad on their site?]

Swine Flu: the source [Official!!]

So, this is the official source of the swine flu. This was the first person to contract the disease. Truth.
I am lying, the kid would have to be darker or at least wearing a sombrero.Then you would believe me.

Wow, what a bad post. Sorry. It's been a week, I am warming up a bit.