Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Isochronous: a band name to practice saying in front of the mirror

Premier gigging venue, The Assembly played host to first timer’s Isochronous and the familiar faces of Yesterday’s Pupil, Kidofdoom and djing legend, Sassquatch.

Sassquatch got things under way with a trend setting electro set that is always expected from someone of his class. Following him, Yesterday’s Pupil came on for his second Assembly performance. Average.

By far the highlight of the evening was the outfit that is Isochronous. Richard, front man of Isochronous also happens to play for Kidofdoom. Isochronous came on stage with a very evident agenda; to please what has been termed the toughest crowd in South Africa. With exciting melodies, clean experimental guitar riffs and chronic varied drumming, Isochronous (in my opinion) stole the show. Safe to say, most of the crowd had not been exposed the PTA boys live performance, but were soon won over by the aforementioned talent. With a complementary hint of Kidofdoom influence present in the music, Isochronous presents a refreshing standard lift to “Indie Rock” in South Africa.

Following them were the very well known act that is Kidofdoom. Every time they play, they fail to disappoint. Solid, compact and ever growing in maturity and stage presence.

All in all, the Pretoria line up showed Cape Town a real good time. Even Craig from Desmond was there.

[pics from we are awesome]

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