Monday, September 8, 2008

Friday Night Fever

The whose-who of Cape Town came out to play on Friday night at The Assembly, for a spectacular evening of music and good company. On arrival all females received a Reebok shoe key ring, a great touch to the party.

Dj Low kicked off the night with a brilliant set of mixed music genres, ranging from reggae to a Desmond and the Tutus remix. People started hitting the floor, and began to warm up for The Beams.

Fifteen minutes before the performance, the dance floor could not be seen. Bodies were squeezed together like sardines to watch The Beams. As per-usual, Paul’s dancing either gets you going or makes you laugh, but either way you have a good time. Shake Shake, baby. Faces were seen bobbing up and down as girls mounted their boyfriends....shoulders. Epileptic looking dance moves became the norm and pretense was thrown to the wind as the party heated up.

The progress from the band is amazing. From an almost shy stage presence (Paul excluded) to flamboyant extroversion from the guitarist and bassist, The Beams are definitely extending their rays. Let us not forget that these guys also like to party, as Paul took a short vomit break between songs, turned around looked up at the crowd, smiled and sayed “all better now!” The party went on.

Gazelle: What an unusual bunch of guys. The outfits on stage were indie-come-african-tribe. The performance was better than the usual and this could be credited to the live band that accompanied them. The performance was an African theme and sound was a fresh blend of Dub, electro-synth mixed with Johnny Clegg. A unique experiment that they credit to the African Renaissance, “African Chic”. These guys have a colourful presence that mixes Africa with the West, merging cultures and creating a great mood for the dance. They guys rock. Proudly (South) African. The band is made up of Xander Ferreira and Nick Matthews (Coda and the Iridium project). As they say “The focus is to create authentic Afrikan Elektronik Dance Musik.” And they want to begin the process in Cape Town, the Mother city of creation.

Sibot, an old favourite of the scene, closed off the night and played some of his golden oldie Real Estate Agent stuff and some new things. So the young and old could relate to everything. For those who came for the djs a chill out section in Assembly was the way for them. With foosball tables and arcade computer games that take you back to your childhood.

Nothing was lacking on Friday night.

Post by Kate Roux

Keep an eye out for pics from this event on WAA!

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