Thursday, January 29, 2009

A good Cause

I love a noble cause. I read this feel good article in the Argus tonight. I have actually eaten Sibanye's food, it's outstanding!! No doubt.

Dream meals at Sibanye
January 29, 2009 Edition 1

Angelique Arde

A new restaurant in Hout Bay's Mandela Park is the talk of the town. And it's attracting a vibrant mix of white suburbanites and township folk, all hungry for more than just a good meal.

Nathan Roberts and Randy McKnight aren't your average entrepreneurs. In fact, they're unlikely friends, let alone business partners.

Nathan, 22, is white, educated and from an affluent Hout Bay home. Randy, 20, is black, never finished school, and lives in a shack in Mandela Park.

But the two are best mates and apart from a mutual love of break-dance and good food, they share a vision of South Africans, black and white, seated around a table talking, laughing and eating together as they forge real friendships like the one that Nathan and Randy share.

So they've created a space conducive for such a feast: a township restaurant called Sibanye - Xhosa for "We are One".

Situated not far from the graveyard entrance to Mandela Park (also known as Imizamo Yethu), Sibanye opened its doors a month ago and has already attracted a good mix of locals from Mandela Park and Hout Bay village.

On offer is a dinkum South African experience. And it really is the real deal, from the corrugated iron shack not unlike those inhabited by a significant number of South Africans, to the authentic African fare - think lip-smacking chicken livers with "ngwinya" (vetkoek that would make your ouma green with envy) or pap and meat, smothered in tomato and onion gravy.

The average meal costs R25 - though impressed patrons have been known to pay several times the price on the menu.

It's early days for Sibanye, but already the restaurant has a fair number of regulars and sales are growing steadily.

But for Nathan and Randy, it's less about the number of meals sold per day and more about the number of conversations being had and cultural barriers overcome.

Nathan remembers one of his first visits to Mandela Park in the early days of his friendship with Randy. "We went for a meal at one of the braai shacks and an old man, about 60 years old, called me over.

"I was scared. I didn't know what to expect. He said, 'Come here!' So I went to him and he said, 'Sit down.' I sat down and he took his plate of food and put half of it on a plate for me and said, 'Eat with me.'

"I felt like crying. I couldn't believe it. Afterwards I thought, 'Wow, I want more people like me to experience this.'

"That's the kind of love I get from my friends here.

"I think the white guys in Hout Bay, being so separated, are robbed of any chance to experience that."

Randy's face lights up. "We want white people to come and experience what's happening here. A friend of Nathan's was here taking photographs recently and one old guy said to me, 'I love what you're doing. Bring more people here to show them what's happening.' "

Nathan says that whenever they take white people into Mandela Park the locals get excited.

"The young people are ready for it," he says. "The hurts of the past aren't that bad with them."

Written on the wall behind Randy and Nathan is an extract from Mandela's statement during the Rivonia trial. It reads: "I have fought against white domination and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic, free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die."

Though they may be too young to remember Madiba's release from prison or his inauguration as president, Randy and Nathan revere him and his values.

"Part of what drives me is the feeling that what Nelson Mandela began hasn't been finished. When it happened - when freedom was won - everyone stopped as if the work was done. And now we blame the government for everything. But there needs to be more of this kind of stuff, where we're still fighting," says Nathan.

While Nathan and Randy have been good friends for about four years, they have their differences, and both admit that their cultural differences are a daily challenge.

"It's difficult," says Nathan. "Our differences play out in the way that we see things. In business, it makes it very complicated.

"We've realised we need to keep very short tabs with each other. We need to be honest and open all the time - and every day we discuss what the tensions are. It needs extra care. A normal business needs that, but more so when you're inclined to misinterpret things.

"There are lots of challenges, but it's worth pushing through because the positives far outweigh them."

As Randy and Nathan's friendship has grown, so has the Sibanye dream. There are plans to do more exciting things. Randy and co-chef Lorraine Makeleni are keen to go slightly gourmet when the time is right and the guys have friends who want to run art workshops for children, entrepreneurial courses and healing workshops under the Sibanye banner.

"So many people have helped us because they believe in what we're doing. We've been given start-up capital; people have offered their expertise and services for free - everything from business advice to logo and website design. And Another Love Production is even making a documentary about us. In turn, we want to serve others."

True to their word, they're helping a Malawian friend get his business off the ground. When he's up and running, he'll be commissioned to make Sibanye T-shirts and mugs and merchandise for the tourists they will eventually host.

"We're excited. We will succeed. Because we are Sibanye and we are going to work together."

Sibanye is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm. If you plan to pop in for lunch, booking is essential. Call 082 568 7978 to make a reservation. For more info e-mail"

I think you should get through there and have a meal. You won't regret the experience. Ok, I am punting this place on a music blog, I know, but it's my friend's restaurant. Sue me.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sweat.X Return from Europe

So Sweat.X are back from taking Europe by storm so to speak. They have been raved about quite a bit on their travels. Northern Hemisphere press have been saying this:

"Spoek Mathambo from the awesomely awesome Sweat X has been droppin a bunch of mixes recently over on his blog. This one is no different with lots of Kwaito, tribal house, funky, minimal and straight up african street music. Get it while its hot…"

"Spoek Mathambo is the vocalist in South African/Berlin duo Sweat X , he brings us a mix filled to the brink with funky kwaito, house and all sorts of other smashing tracks that we haven't heard before."

"Sweat X's Spoek Mathambo just put a new mix of kwaito, house and Cabaret Voltaire up on the group's Throwing Shade blog to celebrate the southern hemisphere's summer. Our first impulse is to call him a dick for taunting us as our balls freeze in New York, but 2009 is a year for hemispherical unity so we'll just say thanks. Thanks. Check the tracklist after the jump and if you're in Europe make sure to check them out on their current tour."

Download their new track from zshare, called H.I.V.I.P: DEZEMBA LIAZONZ

They will also be playing in Cape Town on 6 February 09. Stay close for a venue.

Monday, January 26, 2009 last time

So, by now I am sure you have heard that Lark are on a come back tour they have called the "Brave Tour". It's all very exciting as they will be playing six shows around the country. Check them out at one or more of the following venues:

28th FEBRUARY - @ RAMFEST - Nekkies Holiday Resort - Woester, main stage - 23:00!

5th MARCH - PRETORIA - @ Tings n Times with Yesterday's Pupil, Humanizer VS Mr Sakitumi

6th MARCH - JOHANNESBURG - @ Back2Basix with Yesterday's Pupil, Humanizer VS Mr Sakitumi

7th MARCH - DURBAN - @ Burn with Yesterday's Pupil, Humanizer VS Mr Sakitumi.

11th MARCH - STELLENBOSCH - @ Klein Libertas Theatre.

13th MARCH - CAPE TOWN - @ Assembly

Click on the event that interests you for more information on that event. To stay up to date on the whole tour thing, click here to go to the group.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Taxi Violence Gig Guide

So Taxi Violence have a few shows with some good bands planned for January '09, two of which are already over. Here they are.

Fri 23 Jan - Taxi Violence performing acoustic at Berties Mooring in Gordens Bay. Be there from 8pm.

Sat 24 Jan - Taxi Violence rocking out at the Southern Ink Exposure Tattoo Convention Party. Also performing are aKing, Damn Right and The Mochines. Doors of The Assembly (Cape Town) open at 9pm. (If you missed this impressive Assembly show, click here.)

Fri 30 Jan - Taxi Violence kicking out with the amazing Pretty Blue Guns, Halfprice and The Plastics at Mercury Live, Cape Town. Doors open at 9pm and R40 gets you rocking!

Sat 31 Jan - Stellenbosch Karnaval! Heck Yeah! Catch Taxi at Tollies.

Get there, they have been really enjoyable of late.

Taxi Violence Fan Page.

The Darkness Cometh

Last night Assembly was invaded by Northern Suburbs music enthusiasts to witness Damn Right, Taxi Violence and the big draw card, Aking. Unfortunately, the ticket prices were really high and so that affected attendance. R80

The two thirds capacity venue were subjected to the travesty that is Damn Right. With clashing melodies from front man "Nixxx" and backing from bassist "Bruizer" (??), there was little pleasant about the experience. I was not the only to feel that way. Eventually, the council had had enough and turned off the power. Quite a blunt message really. But once the generator was up and running, so were they. They started their song again. Bleak.

Next up were the more impressive Taxi Violence. They have been getting more popular over the months as they have tried new things like a dvd and actually playing loads of shows. They were tight, a good listen and didn't take the opportunity of playing for Aking fans for granted. They put on a show second to none. With definite Wolfmother/ACDC influences they opened their set hard and well and that set the mood for the rest of their set. Nice work.

Aking, the obvious main attraction for the evening seemed to be in a little bit of a weird place for their set. They played well and blahh blahh I enjoyed it. But they were so chilled on stage! There was very little jumping around or screaming as one has been accustomed to witnessing from bands from the Northern Suburbs. Front man Laudo played out the show alone with a cute melodic tune on his guit and said goodnight. Download the Aking track, Love Your Neighbour, free from Rythm Online.

It was a super show on the whole, but I forgot it was a tattoo convention until this morning. Joy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Life in Technicolor

Coldplay's latest music video. It's called Life in Technicolor, and they have added lyrics to the song. Very cool indeed.

Check out the Justice like Marshall stacks! Impressive puppet show if ever I saw one.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Desmond get baked

I love the creativity that is Desmond & The Tutus. This appears on their blog as their new header. Nice work. They are heading over to Sweden and England in a couple of short weeks for a tour. Check out their Myspace for the tour dates.

2009 Coca Cola Zero Fest

Wow. How disappointing. The lineup for Coke Zero Fest has been announced. Check it!

The best band is Oasis. Snow Patrol is ok I guess. But last year's show and lineup was way better! Other International acts include Panic at the Disco and Bullet for my Valentine (who I have never heard of). From what I have been told, Bullet For My Valentine made it onto the bill ahead of Queens of The Stone Age and Swedish rock legends, The Hives. That's ridiculous.Why don't organisers give us what we want? R600 for golden circle last year, but then there was awesome music (mostly). This year there is one maybe two decent acts. And we still have pay 600 for golden circle. They are certainly not living up to last year's standard. After tallying the votes, this is what the organisers reckon we want. How sad.

The local acts so far are The Dirty Skirts (hardly surprising) and Zebra & Giraffe (good work lads). Two more are to be announced.

The dates and venues are The Newmarket Racecourse in Joburg on 10 April 09 and The Ostrich Farm in Cape Town on 13 April 09.

Dear John, Plastics and NLR

Saturday night saw three bands playing at Assembly in what was thought to be the best lineup of the year so far. Expectations were high. And why not? Dear John Love Emma were in the mix offering something new to the typical “indie” parties with Arcade Fireish influences. The Plastics have enjoyed recent success with the media and fans and of course the New Loud Rockets (the veterans on the night) always offer something to converse about at a later time.

Dear John Love Emma enjoyed riding the coattails of the bigger acts to follow playing to a nearly packed out Assembly venue. They certainly got the attention of many attendees and made many new fans. Unfortunately, due to their “opening” status, they only performed a few songs which was sad to say the least. Everyone was really enjoying their show, and then they stopped.

[we are awesome]

Next up were The Plastics whose debut EP I quite enjoyed. This was the first time I had seen them perform, and I was bitterly let down by their show. If I closed my eyes I felt like I was back in Dresden, Germany listening to Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. There was little separating the two, except of course that The Arctic Monkeys are demigods. There was nothing original about the act. Much sadness. Having said that, the band is young, and they have a lot of potential. Let’s hope that as they mature their sound will too, into something original that doesn’t make the front man put on an English accent when he sings.

[Adriaan Louw]

The final act of the evening was the final act of New Loud Rockets as we know them. Unfortunately, due to creative differences (and no doubt more) Philip Erasmus is no longer playing drums for the band. They are now down to 3 stringed instruments and a synth. Anyway, the performance. It was great. John’s energy and stage presence was that of an excited little boy. Sound issues plagued them through their show, some self inflicted, others, out of their control. But they handled it relatively well. Fun times. Brothers Dave and Steve showed off their diversity by starting off the set with each other’s instruments. Dave played a new song on electric guitar while Steve held a quality baseline. On that note, the new songs are awesome and they are going to get around to recording demos. When they do, you will know. I will have them up here for you to download.





Phil [sigh]

[photos by Shaun Swingler]

Twas a good night on the whole. All the best to Phil and his new musical endeavours. He is going to be playing in a band called Thieve. They will be performing for the first time next month. That show will be in Stellenbosch. I will keep you posted.

If you have read this whole post, I am impressed. I could have done three posts with all this information, but that would be lame.

More pics from the night at we are awesome and Shaun Swingler.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mariah Carey - Touch My Body

You thought I was doing a post on Mariah hey? Never. Anyway, this Korean kid is doing a cover, its awful, truly awful. But it gets funny. Read the subtitles as he sings.


Party like a Blue tit

Bizarre name, but it's a little catchy, I guess. So, things for 2009 are looking rosy with a huge lineup for Saturday night at The Assembly. New Loud Rockets will be playing with The Plastics and the most intriguing act of the evening, Dear John Love Emma. As far as I am aware (and I consider myself generally quite aware) this is Dear John Love Emma's second show ever. Coincidentally, it falls on the evening of one of the band member's birthdays. Happy Happy Ludwig. Their first show went down really well at The Waiting Room, and for their second, they have skipped a host of dodgey venues and hit Assembly. Nice job for an act so young.

This is a NOT TO MISS AT ANY COST. If your wife goes into labour, you know she will be in labour for at least a few hours, steal away. It may be days before the blighter comes into the world and blesses you further with sleepless nights. This example was honestly the first one to come to my head. The point is, be there! Rearrange things to be there. Nice.
See you around Cape Town...

New Loud Rockets Space
The Plastics Page
Dear John Love Emma Space

The Event Invite

Daydream Nation Time Again

Be sure to check out Daydream Nation 8 this Friday at Assembly. Check it! Also trot along to the Hipless Couples Myspace for some cool downloads. Nice.

Facebook invite

HUGE this winter

I have decided that this winter scarfs are going to be huge. And not just huge as in popular, but physically huge, like a massive python around your neck. It's going to be cosy. Wait and see. Some of my blog bffs have been showing off the fashions in the European winters. Things like fashion always head South. Watch.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Dario gets J-J-J-Jaded!

Last week I did something for the first time. Now, everyone has done Jock clubs at some time or another. Tiger, Bang Bang and Karma spring to mind. Some are ashamed, some are proud. But not everyone djs religiously at two conflicting venues playing two very different genres of music.

So, anyway, a bunch of us hear that our friend Dario (who plays every Tuesday night at Fiction) is playing (as he does every Friday) at Jade in Greenpoint on Somerset road. When we arrive we are greeted by a grunter who bounces us for being "under age". Guys have to be 25 and girls 23. Bummed. You think you are superman at 18 and at 21 the world is your oyster, there is nothing you cannot do. Who would have thought that even at 22 you cannot get in places? A "friend on the inside" pulls a few strings and we get in.
[average Jade crowd by no doubt]
So, we walk in to the sounds of Thriller or something of that nature. The age group can be described as 23 to pervert. Fun times. I swear I saw a 74 year old grey, partially balding man with his wife the same age. Weird. We danced on a carpeted floor to gems like 99 red balloons, OutKast's Hey Ya! (shake it...Polaroid picture song) and many other sing alongs. All this courtesy of Dario (the store owner turned jock dj) Leite. What a beaut. Anyway, it was such a jol, dancing in the same space as older jocks to Dario's thumping tunes. Even Stevie and Davie (with his head band) Huson had a blast whipping out the moves. Actually, Dave just texted me to go with him tonight again.

Check it out. It's educational to observe jocks in their natural habitat. You won't regret it.

If you would prefer to see Dario in action on a less invasive night head to Fiction on Long Street on Tuesday nights.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all those wonderful things.

Wow, it's been such an age since I said anything on this medium. I thought by now I would have so many amazing post ideas. I was wrong. I do have one, that will come soon. For now, I saw this outfit on a blog called Gademode, and I liked it. The jacket is the best part of this outfit (for me). I would wear it in summer even.