Thursday, December 18, 2008

Desmond at Mercury - Do it.

Don't forget Desmond are playing tomorrow night at Mercury. Click on the picture for more info. See you tomorrow night ya'll.

Fun pics from Zebra & Giraffe

So, I am working on a super review for Zebra & Giraffe for their Assembly show which will be published in the February issue of Chew Magazine. Look out for that. In the mean time, check out a few pics from the party below. Bare in mind, the good ones are being saved for Chew. There are some of bands (Ashtray Electric and Zebra & Giraffe) and there are some of people familiar and foreign.

Fun Summer times.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Metronomy - A Thing For Me

It's new from Metronomy. It's called A Thing For Me. It might be my favourite video of 2008. It's wow. Check it.

I am right hey?

Their Myspace.
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Flight of the Conchords

If you are at all cultured, you would have watched and probably studied the first season of Flight of the Conchords. Good news, season two is coming out this January in the States, which means two days later you can download it off resnet. Nice.

Anyway, if you are feeling creative and feel like making a music video this summer, watch this clip.

Keen? Click here for more info and the MP3.

Flip, I am excited for Season 2!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Z&G at The Assembly, again.

Zebra & Giraffe are heading back to Cape Town for a show on Tuesday night. The venue is The Assembly. Click here for more details. They will be playing with Ashtray Electric who have recently been nominated as one of the MK best newcomers of the year (along with Zebra & Giraffe and others). Good on them.

If you missed Zebra & Giraffe at Kirstenbosch, click here. If you haven't yet seen their latest music video, Oxymoron, click here.

See you on Tuesday at The Assembly kids!

Bye now.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Assembly turn 1

A venue that has almost single handedly revolutionalised the music industry in Cape Town celebrated their first birthday on Friday.

Last night's party had hype surrounding it suggesting a monstrously huge evening of dancing to some of the best electro/hiphop/pop (an amalgamation) in the industry. They even had hardcore endurorailing around the stage in anticipation. It was a pretty spectacular setup, with Redbull quite obviously sponsoring the rig.
South African djs were a little disappointing injecting their mixes with loads of house music and drum and base. But, DJs, Food and DK were sublime, mixing tracks from different genres with seemless integration causing much craziness and appreciation.

Reminiscent of earlier Assembly days, Eskom had some fun turning off the lights every now and again to remind patrons that they were still in Africa. Luckily, Assembly had the generator on standby should it be needed. It was needed.

The good evening even included foosball by candle light. Special.

Happy Birthday Assembly! Well done for the last year. It has been an interesting journey. All the best for the next year and many more to come after that!


Late Of The Pier

Late Of The Pier, a great band out of the UK have been together since 2001. The have supported acts like Kaiser Chiefs and Hadouken!. When I saw Justice in London earlier this year at the Somerset House, Late Of The Pier opened for them. Unfortunately, I only realised that now, and we missed the opening act. Poo.

Some have hailed them as the next Klaxons, I wouldn't go that far. More of a Wombats come Mystery Jets sounding act. The music is happy and awesome to dance to. Too much and it gets poppy, but in doses it's super!

Here are two songs I really like from the band. The second song (Broken) is featured on Kitsune Maison 5 as a Fairy Lights mix. The act, Fairy Lights doesn't exist, instead it is a mix of the original song, done by the band. It is seriously banging (to use a jock word I have heard a lot of late).

Sober up - Late Of The Pier

Broken (Fairy Lights Mix) - Late Of The Pier

Also, check out the video for the tune for Space and The Woods.

Late Of The Pier Myspace

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Rad. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chew Magazine

Chew Magazine was launched earlier this year into a market of readers that were in desperate need of something new. Chew provided that. This exclusively online available magazine is released every two months on free download.

The magazine features articles and pictures of the latest fashion from top designers, photography from the best in the business, lifestyle, books, bands and much more. They published an article I did about Louise Day Band. Click here to download the latest Chew Magazine. Did you miss the other two issues? One of the nice things about Chew is that on the site are all the issues released, past and present. You can even choose a cover for your magazine. On top of the perks of online magazining, while you browse the magazine on company time, you can listen to a song of one the featured bands you are reading about. Very cool.
Issue #1 (Dream Issue)
Issue #2 (Street ID)
Issue #3 (Tribute)

The next issue will be out at the beginning of Feb and promises to be even better.

Also be sure to check out the Chew Magazine Blog.

Johnny Neon - free downloads

Johnny Neon have just put up a stack of tracks from their album on free download. Pretty sweet. They are a huge two piece act out of Joburg/Pretoria (same place really). It would be super if they came back to Cape Town for a show. They haven't done it in an age! The last time they were here as a pair was for Sovereign Academy (if memory serves) and before that in February this year. Ben Rausch (Sassquatch) the keytar player in the band has been down a couple of times to dj, which has been freakishly fine! They have a video called Heart Attack.

Here are a couple of my favourite tracks from the list for free download.

Dance for a while - Johnny Neon

Heart Attack - Johnny Neon

Secretary - Johnny Neon

For the rest of the songs on download, click here.

Become a fan.

Their space.

Awesome, see you around Cape Town...

The winner of Lost?

A couple of months ago, the lads from Coldplay had a competition to see who could create the best music video for the acoustic version of their song, Lost?. This is what the winner put together and won himself a double pair of tickets to one of their huge shows in London with accommodation, flights and VIP backstage passes. Pretty sweet.

Rad. Good job.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Zebra & Giraffe - Oxymoron

It's new from Zebra & Giraffe. It's the first video that includes the whole band. Yes please! Check it out, they are huge! The song is called Oxymoron.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Little Hearts Festival

The Little Hearts Festival in support of children's charities is this weekend (5-7 December) and has some interesting acts.
Glenn Robertson Jazz Band

Failing Forward

12th Avenue

The Beams

Tasha Baxter

Chasing Friday

The Plastics



Mark Schellhas

Andy Lund & The Mission Men


The Gugulethu Tenors



JacSharp (electro)

The Lancaster Band

Louise Day Band

The Brothers Streep

Captain Stu

Josh Grierson

Julia Jakobsen

Josie Field

Forgotten Superhero

Hot Water

Go along to the amphitheatre at the V&A to catch your favourite acts.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Loud who?

It's about freaking time that the New Loud Rockets performed again. It's been an Age. They have finally finished their academics for the year (they are all very academic [except Phil]). The last show they played was at Rocking The Daisies earlier this year, a distant memory for those who were there.

I was chatting to John the other night and he said they have a load of new stuff they are working on. Don't all bands? Let's hope they are ready to show some of it to the fans come Friday night (5 December).

So they are playing at a club/place called R.O.A.R. (right of admission reserved?). Worst club name ever? Also, it's in Obs. I haven't heard anything in their genre in Obs since Armchair days.

When are they going to release a new music video? Steve has shaved and looks like a backstreet boy with his white (matric dance) shoes. They should do a sarcastic (or serious) boyband type video. Hmm, or is that too Blink182?
Dave went dark months ago, but the fan page still features this pic with him with white straight hair! Annoying.Come on guys! Fire your manager (if it's his fault), but evolve!!! I love the guys, that's why I can say these things. I am not even going to get started on their Myspace. It's as if it's been abandoned! Get your stuff on Itunes as well. I could go on, but I won't. They just need a kick in the pants really.

Anyway, get down to R.O.A.R on Friday for a jol. They are being supported by The Lottery Tickets.

Event Page.

Get Nasty - Animal Instinct.

Get Nasty, this Thursday has a theme. Yay. They used to have themed parties all the time, but the last Get Nasty (as far as I am aware) didn't have a theme. Well, it did, but really a dressup theme. But I heard that I missed out big time. So, now that we are into the serious holiday swing, get down to LB's (above Joburg) in Long Street. Dress like an animal I assume.
Photos from the last Get Nasty.

Event page.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Violence, Anger, Wrath!

So, I went to town last night with the thought of going to Mercury for the Taxi Violence acoustic show where they were filming a DVD. I arrived at about 21h30 and met up with Dave, Steve and John at Shak. We had a drink before going across to the show (one door down). At 22h05 we arrived at Mercury. The bouncer would not let us in. I told him I was on the list, but he said it didn't matter. Apparently, because they had been playing for 5 minutes the doors were closed. RI(effing)DICULOUS!! I was livered. So livered.

Have you ever been turned away from a gig because you are late for the show (even if you are on the guestlist)? What do the band think about the guys at the front turning away patrons?

Who do I blame? The band? The organisers? The bouncers?

But we went dancing later in the evening and it was fun. Rad.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Friendly Fires

Man, I am loving everything from Friendly Fires at the moment. They might be my new Justice. Thats saying a lot by the way.

Check out this Lykke Li cover:

friendly fires - i'm good i'm gone (lykke li cover)

Paris remix:

Friendly Fires - Paris (AeroplaneMix)

Paris original:

Friendly Fires - Paris

Desmond on Tour

While some bands are just taking it easy this Christmas season, Desmond & the Tutus with front man Shane Durrant freshly returned from a honeymoon stuff have just released their tour dates for December. Yes please.






This should give you enough time to rearrange your holiday plans to catch this extraordinary act. So, if you haven't got thought patterns that lead you away, you have yet another excuse to remain here. Christmas in Cape Town is where it's at!

Awesome. I am excited.

Otherwise catch them at other places on their tour.

Facebook invite.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Taxi Violence at Mercury

Taxi Violence are going "big" with someone quite special. They are using Friday night's show to shoot an acoustic DVD, something I don't think enough bands consider. I am super excited about this one. Big up to the guys. Come along to support.

Click here for information.

Monday, November 24, 2008


SIBOT AND SPOEK ARE is the name of the debut project put together by (funny enough [sarcastically]) Sibot and Spoek under the team name, Playdoe. They have only played two shows here in South Africa but had performed in Europe before these shows. Seems like a backwards way of doing it, but as far as I am concerned there is no right or wrong way. Just different ways. No one formula can be prescribed for all in the industry. I am digressing, so let me continue.

Playdoe's Afro/Hiphop/electro/90's rap EP is but a taste, a big taste of the spectacle that is their live show. This extended play features amongst others their catchy single, Pop Like This and for me their biggest song, It's That Beat of which the original and Toxic Avenger Remix is included. Listen to the remix below.

From the show I went to I realised they had far too much material for just one EP. Simon says they'll be "dropping an other EP locally in Feb ish and hopefully an album overseas".

There has been a lot of interest in Playdoe from record companies like Big Dada, Ninja and XL, so lets get behind the guys and see them succeed!

Here is the track list for SIBOT AND SPOEK ARE:

It's that beat
Fish Gut
Neolectro Afrobotic
Gravy Yard
Pop Like This
It's That Beat (Toxic Avenger Remix)

For more music from Playdoe check out their space and their fan page.

Do it!

Zebra & Giraffe at Kirstenbosch

Well well well. Zebra & Giraffe is the name on the lips of most South African music lovers at the moment. And why not? They have been playing together for 3 months or so and have played to more people than some bands have who have been playing for over a year. Yesterday marked their biggest show to date! There were reports of just under 4000 people gathered in the shelter of Table Mountain to witness the fitness.

Flashy guitarist, Alan, introed many songs with energy stimulating riffs and Greg had to put up with more fans screaming their affections for the overnight rockstar. Darren on drums was fashioning another waistcoat (he loves his waistcoats) and from the last time I saw them at The Assembly, bassist, backup vocals and other stuff, Andrew, has cleaned up his act with a shave and haircut. (I think he's had a haircut. He certainly still has the mullet.) I don't have anything to say about Rob on keys, but he was there. Good job Rob!

Unfortunately, the sound check was not quite complete by the time the lads came on stage and so they were forced to do a little mixing during the show. Subtle, but noticed. Andrew's vocals were adjusted to be backing rather than as loud as Greg's. It was necessary. But the average music listener may not have noticed. I happened to be sitting with two of the biggest music scrutinizers in the industry (James and Tim), and so it was clear to them and therefore us.

The sitting vibe at Kirstenbosch works...for most bands. But it wasn't long before the school kids had gathered with their cellphones to photograph and dance up front. It was novel for kids because it is rare that bands of the Z&G caliber play to all ages live. And so the generally uniformed kids had whipped out their newest item of casual wear for the special event.

Z&G played a new song, it was good. Then they finished their set. Or did they? I was reminded at that stage that they had not played their other big single, Arm Yourself. It had to be played. They could not be finished until they had played that song. And so they came back on stage lead by Darren. The words, Arm yourself my love!! wrung out into the early evening air that had turned a tad crisp as the sun disappeared behind the gathered clouds and looming mountain.

It was a super start to the summer concerts and a stunning way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Zebra & Giraffe will be back for their forth Cape Town show on 16 December, so if you have missed them up until now, make sure you are around then! They will be playing at The Assembly.

See you there Cape Town...

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Members, #6: Arjuna Kohlstock

Next up on in our Member's series is the latest addition to The Plastics, Arjun. No, he's not Indian. The Plastics decided to become a "real band" by adopting another member to their ranks. Read below and get to know a little about the last quarter.

  1. How did you come to be apart of The Plastics? And, how does it feel being apart of a band that seems to be going places?

I have been really good friends with Sasha and Pascal (drummer and vocalist) since the year 2000 as we used to gig together at the Purple Turtle and other seedy clubs in our respective punk bands ie. Hoax and War On Salt . Since then we have remained tight and share the same love for music and partying. I first got to know Karl (bassist) on “The Joint Tour,” which consisted of The Plastics and my previous band, The Allstar Funk Four, touring a couple of venues down the West Coast. When Allstar broke up I went to work in Australia for a couple of months. Before I left there was talk of me joining The Plastics when I get back. The guys said they would “wait for me,” it was quite romantic actually… While I was away I kept up with what The Plastics where up to on their myspace, facebook etc. and grew quite excited when reading all the good press, cd reviews and news of all sponsorship deals and competitions they were winning left right and centre. When I got back we got straight into jamming and I felt right at home in the rehearsal studio with these three down-to-earth guys. After only 2 weeks of practising we were inside Sound and Motion Studios, recording tracks for the upcoming EP. This was due to another sponsorship deal they had landed for themselves while I was abroad. So yeah, I’m super amped and feel really fortunate to be joining such a talented band.

  1. What do you do in the band?

I play guitar and do backup vocals

  1. What are you adding to the band that they didn’t already have?

Second guitar parts, duh!

  1. Have you ever played in a band before?

I used to play guitar for the Rap/Funk/Rock/Pop band, The Allstar Funk Four for about 3 years and before that I played guitar and attempted to sing for my punk band War On Salt (not really worth mentioning, but hey)

  1. What do you outside of being a musician?

I love vegan and vegetarian cooking, chilling with Mary Jane and going to all the beautiful naturist places we have here in Cape Town.

  1. Who are your biggest musical influences?

My influences change daily, but the ones that have stuck are probably Gwen Stefani, Michael Jackson (mainly Jackson 5 stuff), The Bloodhound Gang, Air, Daft Punk and Dr Dre.

  1. Who are you listening to at the moment?

Coldplay, The Ting Tings, Aerosmith, The Plastics, Moloko, The Beatles and Goldfish.

  1. If not The Plastics, what other SA band would you have liked to join? Why?

Max Normal TV. Because they rock. Not sure where I would fit in though… Or maybe Gang of Instrumentals.

  1. When will you begin performing with the band? When and where can we expect to see you on stage for the first time?

My first gig with The Plastics is coming up this weekend (Sat 22nd) at The Assembly. We will be playing with Kidofdoom, Yesterday's Pupil, Jax Panik, and ETC crew – its going to be an awesome show!

  1. What is the next big thing on the music scene in Cape Town?

Finger Clothing (available at the Finger store on Kloof Str)

So, there's Arjun. I think this band has a little way to go (as do all SA bands) but they are headed in the right direction and taking the (or a) right approach. As Arjun said, they are currently recording another EP. Good stuff lads. I reviewed their first EP. Check it!

Again, as Arjun mentioned they are playing this weekend [Saturday] at The Assembly with a host of exciting acts from other parts of SA.

Facebook event page


Become a fan!

Hilarious videos...

Oh my goodness. I love finding gem short videos on YouTube. I found this one that makes me laugh largely because of the New Zealand accent.

Here is another one with a bizarre twist in the short story.

I love unicorns.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gotta love the Chinks...

Enough said.


It seems as though it was the weekend of new things. First, folk vibes on Friday and then this hiphop/rap/afro/techno party on Saturday. And wow, what a party. I hadn't seen this kind of show in ages and generally after watching Sweat.X or Max I felt a little dirty on the inside.
But Spoek and Sibot made sure that no one was left standing still or offended by visual aids. Characteristically, at the beginning of a show everyone is packed in as close as possible so as to get up to the front. This was no different, but as the sweat began to pour, it was not long before people were forced to abandon the their quest to touch Spoek and allow for some space to breath and dance. And dance we did. The set was long, very long and I (being old) had to even sit for a while to get my breath back. But Spoek's energy and lyrics were relentless. The way the pair employ classic 90's techno rap is amazing! It took me back (at times) to Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith. I loved it! Sibot is world renowned for his musical abilities and used what felt like every sound in the industry to give tracks a unique edge.
What a party. What a night. Even good ol' Gazelle made an appearance to show off his rapping skills alongside Spoek.
Check out their Myspace and Facebook page for more info on Playdoe.

Also, look out for a review of their EP which was launched on the same night. It will be up soon. Click here if you haven't seen the video to their single off their EP.

[photos from the young Zahra Robertson. She is pretty good.]