Monday, May 10, 2010

Attention all BANDS: Do you want 50k to make a music video?

In a first for South Africa, MK, DStv's leading rock and pop music channel, is commissioning 10 high quality music videos of South African artists valued at R50k each.

Dubbed the MK Music Video Project (MK MVP), MK is inviting production companies to approach any band they believe complements MK's progressive channel strategy and to pitch on their behalf. Similarly bands and record companies who would like to put their songs and ideas forward, should approach a South African production company to do so.

Says Victor Edward Eckard, Head of Content for MK: "The South African music and production industry offers a wealth of exceptional talent. Through MK MVP we hope to further stimulate this market and bring that talent to the fore, allowing our artists and production houses to show their true colours and in so doing offer our viewers compelling content."

The following should be taken into account when pitching for MK MVP 2010:

· MK MVP pitches are only open to South African production companies.

· The music videos need to meet the R50,000 budget and need to be of a high production value. In essence the videos need to raise the standard of music videos in South Africa.

· Bands who would like to pitch their tracks must do so through a recognized music video production company who, in turn, must follow the correct format.

· Only three music video pitches are allowed per production company.

The following information must be included in the pitch:

1. The MK MVP cover page. Go to for more info.

2. Company background and experience.

3. Show reel of previous work completed.

4. Crew list with crew experience (include CVs).

5. Music video treatment and creative with graphical and video references.

6. Complete budget breakdown of proposed music video production.

7. Artist biography, photo and press pack.

8. An MP3 version of the selected song (complete with the composer and record company / rights holder details).

Pitches will be selected based on the following criteria:

· The production company and crew experience as well as examples of previous work.

· Treatment and creative of the music video.

· Budget and production value.

· Artist / band profile and song choice (the songs will be chosen by an MK panel).

· How the music video concept complements the MK brand; how it speaks to the MK target market; and how well it fits within the Channel's look and feel.

Additional info:

· The decision for the music video commissions will rest with MK only and the decision will be final.

· The deadline for all pitches is 31 May 2010 and communication regarding the chosen ten will be received by the end of June 2010.

· The production companies chosen to create the videos must deliver the final product by 30 July 2010.

All pitches must be sent via email to