Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Do Alternative Celebs like the attention?

[Pic from WAA]
Celebrities that go out in public to the places we go, are they looking for attention? Do they enjoy getting photos taken of them with strangers? Or do they just put up with it (those who do) because fans are fickle and might turn on them if they do not oblige? Would they prefer to be like everyone else and not noticed because they play in a kinda big deal band or act in high profile movies? Jared Leto seems to be the "put up with it" kinda guy. Jeremy (Dirty Skirts front man) seems to be stoked with the attention on stage, but once the shows over, it is over, leave him alone. No photos please. But then is Jeremy a real celebrity? At what stage are you regarded as a celebrity? Are the New Loud Rockets celebrities? And Nigel Moore?


Anonymous said...

Nigel Moore.. BAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

what kinda topic is this?

Richard Cole King said...

Why do people insist on commenting anonymously? It's so weak.

Anonymous said...

I second anonymous no.1's comment-
nigel moore...BAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.


spare us all.


Anonymous said...

this could be the best post on this blog...by far.
you have a point. a very good point.
in my personal opinion i don't classify jeremy and nigel as "local celebrities"...they're just guys in bands who people know. nigel may have his arsehole moments, jeremy may not want to be spoken to because he's just in a band, they're just people. jared leto however....is an attention seeking p*es. what was he thinking wearing tight white pants at coke fest then climbing up the stage - i was praying on him falling and dying, at least that way he would've gotten some positive feedback.
i feel i'm drifting from the point, so i'm gonna go.
good article.

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Ky said...

So,it's me in the pic (Ooh, shine-shine* groupie madness... no). I was all, "Hey, ther's uncle Jared, let's say hi", when our lovely friends from WAA were far too ready to pounce, so I stood for the pic. Uncle Jared's a bit of a lawn, really, a tool, if you will. He loves himself far too much and I reckon that he's of the celebrity variety that is an attention-seeking as they come, not really interested in fans/ppl/whatevs but just kinda wants to be seen and for you to think he's cool. Requim for a dream was awesome though, so props.