Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ashtray and Boxoffice at Aandklas

So, on Saturday night I did something I haven't done in a while. I went to Stellenbosch to watch bands. Ashtray Electric and Boxoffice were playing a show at Aandklas.
I had never heard of Boxoffice, and was a little intrigued to see them. Also, ashamedly, I hadn't seen Ashtray in long enough to feel like it was the first time. But it was great. Boxoffice were a little (weirdly) boxed by there music. Drummer (whatever his name is, call him Jim) was very a very talented individual, but did not look like he was enjoying himself at all. He was looking a little nervous (understatement of the century).
Anyway, Ashtray impressed me. They were fun, professional and they had a real good time on stage. They played their latest single, "Overstared" which had baie afrikaans mense singing along. It's a stunning track besides for the fact that I (synical I) hate sweet wine. Check out the Youtube video.

It was a jol. I am glad I made the long trek from Hout Bay to Stellies!
[pics from MK face and Mfm voice, Lize Kay]

Dear Reader at Assembly

So, on Thursday night I suppressed my longing for sleep and headed out to Assembly to watch the wonderful Cherilyn and her boys (Drummer and Bassist/Keys) perform songs off their new album, "Replace Why With Funny". They were dearlightful.

As I arrived a noticed a phenomenon so foreign to me, I had to look twice. Most of the crowd were sitting on the floor or a corner of one of the few couches that had been strewn across the venue. It was a sight to behold. Did they not know that people puke, spill beer and drop cigarettes on that floor? But eventually I succumb to the pier pressure. The opening act, (the name of which alludes me) was ok. The best part of their set for me was when the Daniel Craig looking bassist said, "Thank you for supporting South African music" in a thick German (or Eastern European at least) accent.

After a short break and a stretch of the legs, it was time for Dear Reader to charm a very chilled out but appreciative crowd. It really didn't take long. Even the Freshlyground crew were there to show their support. Cherry's voice and musical accompaniment were so lovely that we (most definitely I) were/was totally mesmerized. With subtle backing vocals from Mikey (as Assembly affectionately named him) and Darryl and looped backing vocals from Cherilyn. Confused? Well, she sings a line, Darryl records that line and loops it back into the mix. Then Cherilyn sings that line again over the first line, just as a harmony. Darryl records it as well. Then, loops both lines (melody and harmony) and Cherry has the freedom to sing other stuff over the looped lyrics. It added so much to the richness of the mix. Inge used to do it for Lark as well. Winner.

I was chatting to Cherilyn afterwards and they are now signed to a label in Berlin (possibly my favourite city in the world!) This means they hit European tours like once of a month. Their plan is to eventually move to Germany and be based in Berlin. Go team.

It was such a lovely evening and a nice change from the acts I am accustomed to viewing at Assembly.

Check out an EPK video for "Replace Why with Funny".

Listen to their whole album

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dear Reader Launch

"Replace Why With Funny" is the name of the latest album from Dear Reader. They have just returned from taking Europe by storm, and now it's time for Cape Town to get a taste. Dear Reader, formerly known as Harris Tweed (and before that Pilot, I still have a badge with that band name on it) will be playing this Thursday night (26 March) at Assembly. The last time they played at Assembly was during the black outs. The lovely Cherilyn, played a chilled set in the dark.

Anyway, come through, it's going to be a good one.

Facebook invite

Listen to their music on Myspace.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

Competition time!

So, Adidas Originals and Astore are having this insane competition that requires no skill and very little of anything else. Have a little read about the 3 designers of this season's hottest Adidas Originals by originals at Blogging Good and pick your favourite one. The prize is Originals by Originals clothing, shoes and tooth brushes to the value of R3000! Sweet. No, but seriously, it's as easy as read, scroll, click, enter email address and then repeat with your alternate email address to increase odds. Smiles.

That site again:
So, it's been a week, but it's still bloggable. Zebra & Giraffe played at Mercury Live last Saturday night. They were there to launch their new dvd/cd, Collected Memories.
Gregarontosaurus could be seen fashioning a grey Ladyhawk t, and one of those little hats that are becoming more and more 'in' as time goes on. He played a telecaster, but not his. You should know by now, he had a bunch of music equipment pinched from his car in Joburg a couple of weeks ago. Shame. He did well.
Anyway, the band that opened for them were awful, 3rd World Spectator. They played once with Maroon 5. Weird, I would never have given them that much stage. Those were some brave organisers.
Anyway, back to Z&G. I haven't seen their dvd. I wonder what it's like?
Next time they are in Cape Town, will be for Coke Zero Fest in April. They are playing with one good band and a stack of average bands with good marketing, and then South African bands. Fun.

Z&G Page
[Photos by Zahahahra Robertson who finally becomes legal on Sunday]

Friday, March 13, 2009

What to do, what to do?

Cape Town this weekend, is the place to be. With two large names in alternative rock gracing our city, we are spoilt for choice.

Tonight, Lark are playing. Lark at Assembly! They are ending there comeback tour with a bang. If you have not yet seen this band, or even if you have, you have to be there tonight. Inge's voice is captivating. It's going to be a historic event. Event Page.Then, Saturday night, Zebra & Giraffe take a break from playing at only cutting edge venues, and grace the once was greatest band venue in Cape Town, Mercury. It promises to be a good time. I imagine it will be packed to the rafters, so get there early. Remember, they were down here last month to play on Saturday the 14th of February, Valentine's Day? Now, exactly a month later they return to launch their dvd, Collected Memories. I am interested to see what it's like. I hope it is nothing like the teaser! Event Page.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Bloody Beetroots make Assembly their B*tch!

This post has taken a while, mainly because it's tough to put into words experiencing arguably the greatest show that Assembly has ever seen! The Bloody Beetroots played to a full house on Friday, a set which bled intensity! The tempo and lights were so terriffic that for those of us in the front with the strobe screaming white death, somewhat of a trance could have easily been induced. Blaise and the Get Nasty crew felt it necessary to douse the ever increasing temperatures of the crowd by throwing water, champagne and glitter (I think the glitter was just for effect). Nevertheless, sweat flowed more predominantly than water and champagne combined. And as the temperature rose, so did the tempers. I turned around in time to see a kid wondering in a daze in the little space that was immediately created around him due the blood streaming down his face. Someone socked him in the kisser, or below the eye actually. Fun times.
Anyway, the Beetroots played a huge show, and made many many friends that night. Some even tried to take Cornelius home with them, or at least his head gear.
Oh, and South African great, Gazelle rapped over everything he could, creating a somewhat African feel to a very European set. He mostly just said, "uh! uh! Shake what your mamma gave ya, shake shake what yo mamma gave ya!" Very creative.
Who will they bring out next? Maybe Justice? MGMT? The Presets? Well, we can dream.

Become a Fan of the Bloody Beetroots


Pics from the classy kids at We are Awesome

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pics of Isochronous

Here are the promised pics from Zula. Not many, just a taste.
[Pictures taken by the lovely Alice Inggs from BANDITS]

I heard that there Mercury and Klein Libertas shows were amazing as well. Big up lads, and come back soon.

2009 SA Blog Awards

I know this seems very vain, but I thought it would be a bit of fun. If you read my blog from time to time, and enjoy it, won't you have a little mosey over to the site and vote for Smack Talk please? Thanks. Click below to get there.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Isochronous at Zula

On the back of their huge weekend success at Ramfest, Isochronous played to a medium sized crowd at Zula Bar on Wednesday where Richard Brokensha (front man to both Isochronous and Kidofdoom) could be seen to still be recovering from a heavy few days.

Their music is heavily synth driven with ecstatic drum sequences and pulsating guitar and base riffs. I bought their album on the night, it's good. But nothing compares to a live Isochronous show. They finished their set, or tried to finish their set, but the crowd that had gathered would not let them leave the stage without playing one last song. Vibing! I am excited to see them perform to larger crowds in the months to come, they are going to be huge.

They continue their Cape Town tour tonight at Mercury with Ashtray Electric and tomorrow at the Klein Libertas with Taxi Violence. It promises to be a winner of a weekend with Iso and the rest.

Pics from Zula will follow soon.

What's on in Cape Town tonight

Well, it's a big night out for the electro-house lovers of Cape Town as the Bloody Beetroots fly in for one show here and one show in Joburg. Tonight's lineup at the Assembly looks a little like this:


If you haven't got your tickets yet, God be with you.

Event Page

If that's not your scene or your budget, then Isochronous (arguably South Africa's best up and coming band) are launching their album at Mercury tonight. Richard Brokensha of Kidofdoom plays front man to Isochronous and is doing himself proud with his new band. Check out an interview I did with him a few months back.

Event Page

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Isochronous tomorrow Zula Bar

So, after playing a killer set at Ramfest, Kidofdoom front man teams with his other band to play tomorrow night at Zula. Get there early, as the venue is tiny! Fun.

Facebook event

aKING Gig Guide

aKing have announced their gig dates from now til June.

Date: 12 March
Venue: MFM Rockshow, Stellenbosch
Other: at the Neelsie
Cover: FREE

Date: 22 March
Venue: Kirstenbosch Gardens, C.T
Cover: R50 adults / R30 scholars
Other info: Collaboration with Ghetto Sound.
Tickets available from

Date: 2 April
Venue: Tygerberg Medical Campus
Other: Love to Rock Fest

Date: 10 April
Venue: MK Kaktus Sessions, KKNK
Cover: R50

Date: 13 April
Venue: CokeZero Fest, Ostrich Farm, N7 Cape Town

Date: 17 April
Venue: Wilgenhof Carry 6, Stellenbosch

Date: 25 April
Venue: Ratanga Junction, C.T

Date: 26 April - TBC
Venue: Seasons Wither, The Dome, JHB

Date: 27 May
Venue: Back 2 Basix, Westdene, JHB
Cover: R80
Other info: aKING album launch with Special guests THIEVE

Date: 28 May
Venue: Pieterburg

Date: 29 May
Venue: The Woods, Newtown, JHB
Cover: R20
Other info: aKING album launch with Special guests THIEVE

Date: 30 May
Venue: Firkin , Centurion
Other info: aKING album launch with Special guests THIEVE

Date: 2 June
Venue: Tings n Times, PTA
Cover: R40
Other info: aKING album launch with Special guests THIEVE

Date: 3 June
Venue: Tings n Times, PTA
Cover: R40
Other info: aKING album launch with Special guests THIEVE

Zebra & Giraffe prepare to release DVD

So, as you know Zebra & Giraffe are working on a DVD. Here is a little clip to preview it.

The Bloody Beetroots teaser

Hey, so if you are still divided about what you are doing on Friday night, check out this Bloody Beetroots teaser. BEWARE, IT'S A LITTLE EXPLICIT.

CORNELIUS from borntofilm on Vimeo.
They are playing at Assembly on Friday night. Buy your tickets now from