Thursday, March 27, 2008

Muse and Chris Cornell dominate Cokefest 08

The reason for the delay in this (hopefully) much anticipated post is due to, quite simply, my inability to put into words what this year's Cokefest was like.

It started as any festival starts with the smaller local bands trying to get the crowd amped, while we (the crowd) try to conserve as much energy as possible for this marathon of international music that was to come!

30 Seconds got things going too with Jared Leto proving a crowd favourite with his very lose mouth and overdose of makeup. The actor rose literally as he climbed the scaffolding on one occasion and sang to the masses from about 20 metres up. He had a favourite word which if he used it 30 times, it was conservative. Someone get that man a Thesaurus!

Kaiser Chiefs were fun and lively and got everyone bobbing with the oh so familiar Ruby and I Predict a Riot among others. Front man Ricky Wilson tried to compete with Jared as he scaled about a third of the scaffolding making his attempt look pitiful. I think he was pretty drunk. English man and South African sun, it is the way they are! But they were enjoyed.

Good Charlotte don’t count for me, I left to get food while they played. Not my scene. We were back however, for their last song, Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous. It was a fun sing along, but I was glad when it was over.

In an attempt to get real close to the stage for Muse, one had to stand through over an hour of the band before just before them. Luckily, that wasn’t hard, as it was Chris Cornell (the lead singer from Audioslave and Sound Garden). My gosh! So good. They came on stage, and I had no real expectations. I was just there to push forward. But their first song, Teach me how to Live (old Audioslave song) was so mindblowing. He was loved. And why wouldn’t he be? He has a voice that makes most singers sound like adolescent boys. I was so impressed, especially, because I was a little bleak at the fact that I was going to Cokefest for one band, Muse. But wow, I will see Chris Cornell again any day!

Then, it was time for what all my mates and I had been waiting for, for years. Muse. They did not disappoint. I have watched a few live dvds of Muse performing at various places, but nothing compares remotely with seeing them up close and jumping like no one is watching. They were so amazing, its pretty much all we (my friends and I) have spoken about since Monday. I managed to get within a metre of the front. It was pretty special. Dust was flying from the jocks moshing themselves into a tiz. I think it is safe to say that everyone in the golden circle felt, on Tuesday morning, like they smoked a carton of cigarettes the night before. Throats throbbed, but that was Tuesday. It got so dusty and crazy, that afterwards my one friend thought I was wearing makeup.

I got an interview with MTV. Pretty sweet.

Korn were good I guess, not my scene, but I can appreciate that they are the best at what they do. Unfortunately for them, their momentum kept being broken by sound issues. But those who travelled to see Korn, didn’t mind; so long as their heroes came on again and finished strong.

All in all, Cokefest was a huge success! The organisers could have ordered the lineup of bands a little differently though. They should never have put Kaiser Chiefs just after 30 Seconds to Mars. And, as far as I am concerned Good Charlotte should have opened for the South African bands (thats just because I don't like them). Hopefully they (the organisers) will try better themselves next year and we will see some very special acts like Kings of Leon, The Strokes, The Killers, The Kooks and other exciting bands. And maybe finish the festival with an electro type band so everyone can get their groove on. A band like Hot Chip would have been perfect! It is definitely worth looking at getting some decent South African acts who create some sort of incentive to be at the festival early.

For some more pics click here and here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Basically, if you are not coming to My Cokefest you are in the sad minority, and if not sad, then the minority in denial. Check the lineup this year in running order below(for Cape Town). Now, I have no clue who the first two bands are, but I know Prime Circle, and I won't be too sad to miss them.

Shy Guevaras
Van Coke Cartel
Prime Circle
30 Seconds to Mars
Kaiser Chiefs
Good Charlotte
Chris Cornell

Because of South Africa's location on the globe, there are not too many bands keen to make a massive detour to come to our parts. Its not exactly on the way to anything else. We need to take advantage of all the International acts that come our way. Having said that, the only band that really tickles my fancy, is Muse. On hearing that I was going to see Muse, my friend, Stevie (Civil Twilight) said, "My gosh! You're gonna soil your pants for sure." So I am excited. He has seen them once or twice in the States. Basically, it should be a load of fun.
As far as tickets go, there aren't any Golden Circle left, but there are still Unreserved standing behind us in the GC.

See you there...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Desmond are in Town!!

Desmond and the Tutus graced Cape Town on two very special nights this last weekend to pretty much show off. With super hero names like Super Shane and Dangerous Doug, one cannot help but be wowed by this epic 4 piece out of Joburg.

On Friday night The Tutus played at The Assembly. Although, it has to be said(sorry guys), it wasn’t their best gig, with unforeseen problems taking a little away from their act, Doug (electric guitar) and Craig (drummer and special cow bells) kept everyone entertained when they jammed with one another. Shane managed to charm the crowd with his trademark “German Claw” and other quirky dance moves. Not to mention his great skills on the harmonica!

The tour was a long time coming and we were stoked to have them in our city. They had performed the night before with Kid of Doom in Joburg and released a different video which Shane explained showed other bands like Jonny Neon and Kid of Doom dancing like men possessed. It was not an actual music video, but rather a Tutus video with other bands adding to the crowd. Check it out...

Saturday presented a double whammy of awesomeness! The New Loud Rockets opened for Desmond and the Tutus. They performed in a quaint club in Stellenbosch called The Hidden Cellar, which is ironically upstairs. NLR front man John Seth set the Tutus on a pedestal by praising them and calling them the best band in South Africa by a f**ing mile!

They came to the party. They performed like the best band in South Africa. It was definitely the best gig they have ever done in Cape Town. Sweat poured from the Stellenbosch locals and the travellers from Cape Town wished for shorts and wife beaters. They even planned a swim in the Stellenbosch Gymnasium outdoor pool. As John (NLR) pointed out later over a beer, it is impossible to not move with the Tutus energy. Desmond and the Tutus finished up their set with the NLR joining them on stage to dance it off with the lads. It was huge, and one could see that the well behaved audience wanted to get up there as well and bust some (moves that is).

After the gig the party moved to a pub down the road where people drank, danced, sang and just chilled outside under the beautiful night’s sky while reminiscing over the evening’s events. Then, for some, it was the long N2 back to Cape Town. Joy! If you missed out, Shame on you! But don’t be disheartened. Desmond will be back in Cape Town in April, hopefully with their debut album!