Friday, September 19, 2008

A weekend in the city

For the first time in a while, Cape Townians are truly spoilt for choice this weekend. Tonight features an all Pretoria lineup at The Assembly with the familiar heroes whose lyricless melodies speak louder than any words could, KidofDoom. They are joined by DJ Sassquatch (one of the organisers of Sovereign Academy parties we were treated to one of earlier in the year), Yesterday's Pupil and Isochronous. Click here for the event page. Also Cat String Theory and Kings of Vegas are playing at Mercury Live tonight.

Saturday night features an interestingly diverse selection of music. Cape Town is simply bound to fancy at least one party. At The Assembly, Fokofpolisiekar of the Northern Suburbs are playing for those who are that way inclined. For those more into House/electro/rave, the now long standing party of Arcade is happening at, dare I say it, the Bang Bang Club. Then, my personal favourite, Dear John Love Emma are launching into the whole performance thing with their very first public appearance at the Waiting Room after which they will also all be dj'ing. For more info on Dear John Love Emma click here.

Too much for one weekend? That's what I thought.

But wait there is more. Tuesday, the day before the oh-so-welcome public holiday, The Arrows are playing with King of Town, Lapse and Magnum Hi-Fi at The Assembly. Click here for the event page. Similtaneously, Fiction is going off with Going Steady, Lapse, Tommy Gun and HAASBROEK (Mystic Boer). The event is called Untamed Youth.

Do it.

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