Monday, September 29, 2008

Industry Hair

How many bad hair styles are there in the music industry. It seems as though people are trying to make a statement with their hair. We all remember when good ol' Britney went mad and shaved her head.She then tried to cover it up with braids.
So Nasty!
How about American rockers, Leeland? This pic is their current pic on
So naff! Worst hair [centre guy] and worst beard [second from right]??
Don't get me wrong, these guys are awesome musicians with thought provoking lyrics. Maybe a little pop-like for my taste, but very good.

If we bring it closer to home, how about Davy Huson's half peroxide half roots hairstyle from a few months back?
Is he going to look back in 20 years (or less) and question what he did to himself? You know these kids are going to hate themselves when they grow up.
[above two pics from WAA]

It's interesting how one thing that is so accepted and even loved at one stage can be so hated and despised even just a year later. Remember the mullet? I loved my mullet. Now, I wouldn't be caught dead with a mullet. I have a friend who used to sport the mullhawk. That is a mullet and a mohawk on one head of hair. Special times.I think Andrew still has a mullet though?
I nearly had the opportunity to shave his head. We had a bet. Neither of us won. Sad.
Bonus Mullet photo.

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