Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Rafi ByeBye Rom

This Saturday, an interestingly named Cape Town band is initiated. It’s the first night out for Dear John Love Emma, a conservative seven piece act featuring instruments like the euphonium and mandolin among other more “conventional” instruments. This is a NOT TO MISS evening at The Waiting Room in Long Street (Above Royal).

More than just being special for the fact that it’s the beginning, it’s special because it is also the last time Romney will be playing. He is moving back to the UK where he spent some time working a couple of years back. Also, Rafi celebrates his birthday on the same night.

If you are keen for a night out of the ordinary, with music to listen to rather than to always dance dance dance to; if you have goodbyes to say, or birthday wishes to deliver; then come along to The Waiting Room for bit of fun.
emma   john
Following the formal performance, the entire band will be dj’ing to celebrate good times with Rafi and Rom and everyone who is not ready to call it a night.

If you like bands like Arcade Fire and Beirut, you will definitely find a soft spot for Dear John Love Emma. Have a look at their Myspace Page for a musical sample and click here for the FB event page. See you Saturday...

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