Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nigel James Moore

On 30 September (a Tuesday evening) Nigel Moore from the band that used to live, Howard Roark, will be playing a one off gig to promote is latest solo EP, called a.m. cocktails. I say "one off" because if my sources are anything to go by, Moore is leaving Cape Town for London and then, quite interestingly, he is moving to New Zealand indefinitely.

The gig is at the Waiting Room above Royal (the burger place) in Long Street. Check out the FB invite and his so-rough-it-does-him-more-harm-than-good recordings of the songs we can expect to hear come that Tuesday night. It will sound a whole lot better, I assure you.

The band for the night is made up of a few interesting characters, namely Nigel Moore, the brothers, David and Stephen Huson from the New Loud Rockets and a new kid, Timothy Cole King (drums).
[Initial pic from WAA]
This is what I imagine the setup will look like. Some differences though, Nigel will be taller, Dave won't be so bright, Tim will have a t-shirt on and a drum kit, and Steve won't change (he doesn't have very many outfits).

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