Monday, February 25, 2008

Jonny Neon

Jonny Neon are two lads from Johannesburg who have a passion for some intense Electro. I had the privilege of seeing them live on stage on Friday at yet another packed out Assembly.

The only thing was though, is that they should not have had to play first. The Dirty Skirts were set to play second, but in fairness to the guests, they should have opened for the travelers. It would have been only right for Jonny Neon to play to an already warmed up crowd rather than have the responsibility of setting the mood just right for the Skirts.

They were really good anyways and deserved all the praise they received. Ben, (one of the band members) did an electro dj set afterwards, which was stupendous! And although I was there to just take pics, I couldn't help but get my groove on as he played contagious sing alongs like "Whoo Yeah alright" by The Rapture.

It was also the last time The Skirts will be playing in a Cape Town club until June. I don't know about you, but I have had an overdose of the lads in the last month and will gladly take leave of them until June.

See you around Cape Town...


Anonymous said...

Jonny Neon sound like an awesome band, i'll take your word for it. rad photo's. next time you go take me with and i'll be the photographer while you do the important journalist stuff

Richard said...

Thanks Helen

You are a good friend.

Anonymous said...

the guy from johnny neon who also dj's is called ben not dave.
hy is my kerel. liefde!

Richard said...

Thanks, he totally introduced himself as dave. I see though that you are in fact right.