Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Playdoe Launch

Said to be one of the acts to watch, Playdoe consisting of Spoek and Sibot will be launching their EP at the Assembly next weekend.

The Guardian UK had this to say about them, “Its sick. No, no, its stupid fresh Doing for 1981 electro, what the Cool Kids are doing for 1989 hip hop.”

Sibot (you may remember) did the music for the new Adidas flash site. And Spoek is from the highly acclaimed, Sweat.X.

Anyway, thats the Assembly next weekend (15 November). Buy your tickets online, cos they are limited to 350 tickets (for some strange reason), which goes very fast for an act like Playdoe. Here is there video, Pop Like This.

For more details, check out the Facebook event page and have a listen to their music on Myspace.
See you there Cape Town.

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