Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It seems as though it was the weekend of new things. First, folk vibes on Friday and then this hiphop/rap/afro/techno party on Saturday. And wow, what a party. I hadn't seen this kind of show in ages and generally after watching Sweat.X or Max Normal.tv I felt a little dirty on the inside.
But Spoek and Sibot made sure that no one was left standing still or offended by visual aids. Characteristically, at the beginning of a show everyone is packed in as close as possible so as to get up to the front. This was no different, but as the sweat began to pour, it was not long before people were forced to abandon the their quest to touch Spoek and allow for some space to breath and dance. And dance we did. The set was long, very long and I (being old) had to even sit for a while to get my breath back. But Spoek's energy and lyrics were relentless. The way the pair employ classic 90's techno rap is amazing! It took me back (at times) to Fresh Prince of Bel Air Will Smith. I loved it! Sibot is world renowned for his musical abilities and used what felt like every sound in the industry to give tracks a unique edge.
What a party. What a night. Even good ol' Gazelle made an appearance to show off his rapping skills alongside Spoek.
Check out their Myspace and Facebook page for more info on Playdoe.

Also, look out for a review of their EP which was launched on the same night. It will be up soon. Click here if you haven't seen the video to their single off their EP.

[photos from the young Zahra Robertson. She is pretty good.]


zahra said...

the young zahra robertson thanks white richard for the kind words and the usage of pictures

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