Saturday, November 29, 2008

Violence, Anger, Wrath!

So, I went to town last night with the thought of going to Mercury for the Taxi Violence acoustic show where they were filming a DVD. I arrived at about 21h30 and met up with Dave, Steve and John at Shak. We had a drink before going across to the show (one door down). At 22h05 we arrived at Mercury. The bouncer would not let us in. I told him I was on the list, but he said it didn't matter. Apparently, because they had been playing for 5 minutes the doors were closed. RI(effing)DICULOUS!! I was livered. So livered.

Have you ever been turned away from a gig because you are late for the show (even if you are on the guestlist)? What do the band think about the guys at the front turning away patrons?

Who do I blame? The band? The organisers? The bouncers?

But we went dancing later in the evening and it was fun. Rad.

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