Saturday, December 13, 2008

Late Of The Pier

Late Of The Pier, a great band out of the UK have been together since 2001. The have supported acts like Kaiser Chiefs and Hadouken!. When I saw Justice in London earlier this year at the Somerset House, Late Of The Pier opened for them. Unfortunately, I only realised that now, and we missed the opening act. Poo.

Some have hailed them as the next Klaxons, I wouldn't go that far. More of a Wombats come Mystery Jets sounding act. The music is happy and awesome to dance to. Too much and it gets poppy, but in doses it's super!

Here are two songs I really like from the band. The second song (Broken) is featured on Kitsune Maison 5 as a Fairy Lights mix. The act, Fairy Lights doesn't exist, instead it is a mix of the original song, done by the band. It is seriously banging (to use a jock word I have heard a lot of late).

Sober up - Late Of The Pier

Broken (Fairy Lights Mix) - Late Of The Pier

Also, check out the video for the tune for Space and The Woods.

Late Of The Pier Myspace

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Rad. Enjoy.


kate said...

fyi that's a picture of clarky cat, not late of the pier.

lotp =

Richard Cole King said...

Noted and changed, thanks. School boy error.