Saturday, December 13, 2008

Assembly turn 1

A venue that has almost single handedly revolutionalised the music industry in Cape Town celebrated their first birthday on Friday.

Last night's party had hype surrounding it suggesting a monstrously huge evening of dancing to some of the best electro/hiphop/pop (an amalgamation) in the industry. They even had hardcore endurorailing around the stage in anticipation. It was a pretty spectacular setup, with Redbull quite obviously sponsoring the rig.
South African djs were a little disappointing injecting their mixes with loads of house music and drum and base. But, DJs, Food and DK were sublime, mixing tracks from different genres with seemless integration causing much craziness and appreciation.

Reminiscent of earlier Assembly days, Eskom had some fun turning off the lights every now and again to remind patrons that they were still in Africa. Luckily, Assembly had the generator on standby should it be needed. It was needed.

The good evening even included foosball by candle light. Special.

Happy Birthday Assembly! Well done for the last year. It has been an interesting journey. All the best for the next year and many more to come after that!


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