Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chew Magazine

Chew Magazine was launched earlier this year into a market of readers that were in desperate need of something new. Chew provided that. This exclusively online available magazine is released every two months on free download.

The magazine features articles and pictures of the latest fashion from top designers, photography from the best in the business, lifestyle, books, bands and much more. They published an article I did about Louise Day Band. Click here to download the latest Chew Magazine. Did you miss the other two issues? One of the nice things about Chew is that on the site are all the issues released, past and present. You can even choose a cover for your magazine. On top of the perks of online magazining, while you browse the magazine on company time, you can listen to a song of one the featured bands you are reading about. Very cool.
Issue #1 (Dream Issue)
Issue #2 (Street ID)
Issue #3 (Tribute)

The next issue will be out at the beginning of Feb and promises to be even better.

Also be sure to check out the Chew Magazine Blog.


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