Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Loud who?

It's about freaking time that the New Loud Rockets performed again. It's been an Age. They have finally finished their academics for the year (they are all very academic [except Phil]). The last show they played was at Rocking The Daisies earlier this year, a distant memory for those who were there.

I was chatting to John the other night and he said they have a load of new stuff they are working on. Don't all bands? Let's hope they are ready to show some of it to the fans come Friday night (5 December).

So they are playing at a club/place called R.O.A.R. (right of admission reserved?). Worst club name ever? Also, it's in Obs. I haven't heard anything in their genre in Obs since Armchair days.

When are they going to release a new music video? Steve has shaved and looks like a backstreet boy with his white (matric dance) shoes. They should do a sarcastic (or serious) boyband type video. Hmm, or is that too Blink182?
Dave went dark months ago, but the fan page still features this pic with him with white straight hair! Annoying.Come on guys! Fire your manager (if it's his fault), but evolve!!! I love the guys, that's why I can say these things. I am not even going to get started on their Myspace. It's as if it's been abandoned! Get your stuff on Itunes as well. I could go on, but I won't. They just need a kick in the pants really.

Anyway, get down to R.O.A.R on Friday for a jol. They are being supported by The Lottery Tickets.

Event Page.


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