Monday, November 24, 2008

Zebra & Giraffe at Kirstenbosch

Well well well. Zebra & Giraffe is the name on the lips of most South African music lovers at the moment. And why not? They have been playing together for 3 months or so and have played to more people than some bands have who have been playing for over a year. Yesterday marked their biggest show to date! There were reports of just under 4000 people gathered in the shelter of Table Mountain to witness the fitness.

Flashy guitarist, Alan, introed many songs with energy stimulating riffs and Greg had to put up with more fans screaming their affections for the overnight rockstar. Darren on drums was fashioning another waistcoat (he loves his waistcoats) and from the last time I saw them at The Assembly, bassist, backup vocals and other stuff, Andrew, has cleaned up his act with a shave and haircut. (I think he's had a haircut. He certainly still has the mullet.) I don't have anything to say about Rob on keys, but he was there. Good job Rob!

Unfortunately, the sound check was not quite complete by the time the lads came on stage and so they were forced to do a little mixing during the show. Subtle, but noticed. Andrew's vocals were adjusted to be backing rather than as loud as Greg's. It was necessary. But the average music listener may not have noticed. I happened to be sitting with two of the biggest music scrutinizers in the industry (James and Tim), and so it was clear to them and therefore us.

The sitting vibe at Kirstenbosch works...for most bands. But it wasn't long before the school kids had gathered with their cellphones to photograph and dance up front. It was novel for kids because it is rare that bands of the Z&G caliber play to all ages live. And so the generally uniformed kids had whipped out their newest item of casual wear for the special event.

Z&G played a new song, it was good. Then they finished their set. Or did they? I was reminded at that stage that they had not played their other big single, Arm Yourself. It had to be played. They could not be finished until they had played that song. And so they came back on stage lead by Darren. The words, Arm yourself my love!! wrung out into the early evening air that had turned a tad crisp as the sun disappeared behind the gathered clouds and looming mountain.

It was a super start to the summer concerts and a stunning way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Zebra & Giraffe will be back for their forth Cape Town show on 16 December, so if you have missed them up until now, make sure you are around then! They will be playing at The Assembly.

See you there Cape Town...

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