Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Folk Music - I does it

Over the years folk music in Cape Town has had it's ups and downs but has always existed in a number of smaller venues in Obs and the surrounds. But mainly Obs.

About a week ago The Folk Avant Garde did a gigging tour around Cape Town from The Waiting Room (in Long Street) to Obs to Noordhoek and False Bay to promote a 'folk revival' if you will in Cape Town. Big names (in folk) included (to mention just three); Arlyn, Cabins in the Forest and Miles Sievwright. They enjoyed small but loving crowds around the city's perimeters as their fingers danced like freed prisoners on their guitars (and one or two other instruments).

I went along to Obs Cafe on Friday night to see, above all, Miles Sievwright take the stage. He came on, guitar in hand with a thick overcoat that I knew was a bad idea. It was not long before he was complaining about the heat.
[Miles Sievwright]
Anyway, he played his lyrical tunes and was not shy to push his voice to the limit, which I might add was impressive. With a sound similar at times to that of Iron & Wine and a voice that sometimes could be compared to Michael Buble, he enjoyed much favour with the gathered. (Yes, I said Michael Buble. Don't act like you hav never listened to Michael Buble.) He introduced a song that was warmly met with encouragement and cheers which surprised Miles. He queried, "How do you know this song?" It seems as though he is a little more popular than he thought. Good on ya' Miles!
It was a good evening, I was dead tired though, so left a little earlier than I'd hoped to do.

Watch out for another Avant Garde Tour in the future!
[photos by Dylan Martin]

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