Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Bloody Beetroots make Assembly their B*tch!

This post has taken a while, mainly because it's tough to put into words experiencing arguably the greatest show that Assembly has ever seen! The Bloody Beetroots played to a full house on Friday, a set which bled intensity! The tempo and lights were so terriffic that for those of us in the front with the strobe screaming white death, somewhat of a trance could have easily been induced. Blaise and the Get Nasty crew felt it necessary to douse the ever increasing temperatures of the crowd by throwing water, champagne and glitter (I think the glitter was just for effect). Nevertheless, sweat flowed more predominantly than water and champagne combined. And as the temperature rose, so did the tempers. I turned around in time to see a kid wondering in a daze in the little space that was immediately created around him due the blood streaming down his face. Someone socked him in the kisser, or below the eye actually. Fun times.
Anyway, the Beetroots played a huge show, and made many many friends that night. Some even tried to take Cornelius home with them, or at least his head gear.
Oh, and South African great, Gazelle rapped over everything he could, creating a somewhat African feel to a very European set. He mostly just said, "uh! uh! Shake what your mamma gave ya, shake shake what yo mamma gave ya!" Very creative.
Who will they bring out next? Maybe Justice? MGMT? The Presets? Well, we can dream.

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