Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Rom's Swan Song

On Tuesday night Dear John Love Emma played a full full show at Waiting Room. It was cosey. There was no where to sit. Between songs they seemed a little confused as to what to do, looking at one another self-consciously, as if to whisper, 'which song is next?' 'What do we do now?' But once that was decided and the music began again, it was lovely. The set ended a little too soon for my liking, and others attending. Emma was forced to sing another one, the "water rushing" song.
Ludwig is the best band member. FACT! His violin skills are magical and he rocks out.It was also Rom's last show. It was sad to have to say goodbye to him. Let's hope he comes back one day and plays again.Who is this girl? The girl on the left? I met her at The Waiting Room. I thought she was fun.
[pics from We Are Awesome]


nicoleshmicole said...

Her name's Rose Mudge.
She goes to UCT.

say thanks to chelsea.

Anonymous said...

did anyone take a swing at the ginger?

Anonymous said...

swing at the ginger !!!!!!!!!!!!

oh thats funny