Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Rants of a Sunday evening

Cape Town is a really good place to be...PERIOD. There is so much to do, all the time. If you were not in the mood for going to a gig or dancing this weekend, there was the Good Food & Wine Festival. I rocked that out, then broke it down at MARVEL. FACT!! I am not ashamed. Should I be?

If you were in the mood for gig, you would have been a fool to miss Van Coke on Friday at Mercury. I am sure Franci and the Badenhorst worshipers that gathered enjoyed it.

Have you listened to the new Phoenix album? I have heard so many good things about it, everyone keeps telling me to get it. So I will, and review it sometime this week. Promise.

cevron have a new post. No, I did mean to say 'have'. I was a little bored by it. It seems as though they have lost a little something that the old blog and first couple of posts of the new blog had. Sad. Anyway, let's hope we see better. [Click for post]

Shane Durrant of the slightly scarce band, Desmond & the Tutus, has a self titled picture blog (self titled in that Shane is super duper). It's quite random, but interesting. Click the SUPER DUPER image to have a look. On that, Desmond & the Tutus have updated their blog a little with pics and clips. Click below.
I also started like a small library of cool downloadable tracks on the blog. It's for sampling purposes (of course). If for whatever reason their is a track you like, but you can't download it, mail me, and I will send it to you. Cool. This is for those who follow me on a reader rather than visiting the blog. I just posted the Empire of the Sun Lapse remix in the library. Sweet.

I start a new job tomorrow. Happy thoughts.

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