Monday, May 18, 2009

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero - Music Video

Typically behind the times, I just watched the Zero video off the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It's Blitz. It's very cool. Check it below. If, it doesn't work, as sometimes Myspace videos don't, click here to watch it on Youtube.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero

Even 5fm have got hold of this album. And on that note, what is going on with 5fm anyways? I can't turn the radio on without hearing MGMT or Empire of the Sun. The other day, they played and raved about Ida Maria. I never ever thought that would happen. What's next? Juliette and the Licks? Everything is changing. I never thought that that really 'alt' band would get on the radio either. What are their names again? Oh yes, Kings of Leon. [What a sad story.] Are bands that have been typically "not mainstream" feeling the financial crunch and so adapting their sound for the masses? Check out a Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix on my previous post.

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LastSeason said...

'Even 5fm have got hold of this album.' Do you really think you are so elite that the 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs' is your own private 'alt' band.

'Typically behind the times'
You can't start like this.