Friday, May 1, 2009

Mixed vibes at Assembly leave listeners unsure

It's been a week, a week needed to way up the many opinions about the diversity that was offered on a plate to music enthusiasts last Friday.

Dear John Love Emma, Shadowclub and Johnny Neon played to a mixed, average sized crowd. The three bands offered three very different styles or genres of music, creating something of a staggered evening. Flow was not the aim of the game.

By now, you will agree that DJLE are classically compared to Arcade Fire and Beirut, while Shadowclub (who I had never heard of let alone heard) opened with what I thought would be a Wolfmother cover. [I even tried to sing Wolfmother lyrics over it, it almost worked.] Then, the main attraction, Johnny Neon without former visuals genius, Ben Rausch, played an OH-SO-AVERAGE set made of a pop techno sound and bad vocals making the two opening acts look GREAT. Sad reality for a band (of two) who rocked out so hard at Sovereign Academy some time ago (as remembered by Cevron).

I am still a little unsure of what to make of the evening, but Johnny Neon dissapointed (gross understatement) and DJLE are improving all the time.

[pic from WAA, you know, the guys with the Puma ad on their site?]

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