Monday, May 11, 2009

Kidofdoom - Assembly - Plastics - Codec vs Sound

Friday night was great. Kidofdoom headlined the Griet launch party at Assembly. They were supported by The Crapsticks, Codec vs Sound and Haezer. It was also the beginning of an era where Assembly was able to allow patrons to purchase alcohol until 4am. You would have thought that the incentive would have attracted more people. Still, it was about two-thirds full. Fun times.

I arrived soon after The Plastics went on, much to my disgust. Anyway, I had a listen. Before, I have said they sound almost exactly the same as Arctic Monkeys. It seemed for this show, they alternated their sound between two British rock bands in Arctic Monkeys (obviusly) and The Kooks. Good job guys. Are you hoping people are going to start associating FAKE with THE PLASTICS? That would be witty, considering the nature of your name.

The other acts were awesome. Kidofdoom followed Plastics with an explosive performance of new songs that a lot of Cape Town would not have heard. The ever famous Ghost Busters track was a big winner with fans.

Codec vs Sound were very surprising. They played hugely fat tunes that had people dancing. Unfortunately though, after Kidofdoom the exodus trickle began. I guess this partying at Assembly after 2am thing is going to take some getting used to. By 2am, half the people had left, including me.

It was a good night though.

Pics are coming soon. Waiting on photographers; figures.

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