Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Civil Twilight - New Site

USA based South African band, Civil Twilight are making inroads into the hearts of American fans, and pretty much everyone else who either hears their music or sees their front man.

For what seems like ages, Civil Twilight have been recording their debut self titled album under Wind Up Records. It is now set for release in July, July 7th to be exact. There will be a new single, for this I cannot wait. It's called 'Next to Me' and will be available from 12 May. There is already a review of the album up on Hybrid.

Oh, so the real reason I was blogging was to say, go check out CT's new website. It's pretty cool. It also has some new steamy pics of the band.

They also kinda have a blog that they have been running poorly, but this promises to change.

Go go! Oh, and don't mistake drummer, Richard Wouters for Dominic Howard.

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Double Hawk said...

Haha! He does look like Dom!