Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ty Ty, one of my childhood friends and team member of the organising committee (sounds official) of Arcade, one of Cape Town's biggest parties and I had a chat. We have been meaning to put together this interview for months. We finally did, and I got to ask him a little about Arcade. Have a read. His answers are in Italics.

Who came up with the idea of Arcade? What inspired the idea and the name?

About a year ago there was an old man, smoking a hash pipe, in a parking lot, with no parked cars in it. We just happened to be driving by, and he waved us down with his one good eye and hobbled to the car. In this moment a flash of light came from the sky and struck the car and the guy who happened to have just one eye. It was in this moment, that our destiny became clear to us. A message from the heavens was sent to us...that message was bright. It said fight the light and dance all night!

What is Arcade and what are you trying to achieve through it?

Arcade is a monthly night of electro mental madness, people dress up to the theme that is selected for the month and come get wikey wikey. We see arcade being the first party on the moon were everyone gets a free pair of LED crocs.

[I am sorry he said crocs. This interview should be called on account of bad language. But I am gracious.]

What kind of people are you trying to attract with Arcade?

All creatures that like to go bump in the night!

What aspect of Arcade do you think attracts people? The theme? The music? The profile?

The whole package we reckon, there is something tasty for everyone to treat on.

What makes Arcade different from other parties like Daydream Nation and the like?

Arcade is a year we have been around for some time. The recipe of love, dedication, sweat, tears, stinky pits and a phenomenal team separates Arcade from any other party.

How was last week’s Arcade at Mercury?

Banging,bitching,crunking,funking,thumping,loving and hugging. Each Arcade just gets bigger and bigger we running out of gaps on the dancefloor.

You recently had an Arcade party at Bang Bang. How was that? Is that a venue you would like to use into the future?

The party at bang bang was supa stylin, we had an amazing turn out and a flippen rad response. The beauty of arcade is that it is mobile. We are trying to change the taboos associated to certain venues and make people understand that it doesn’t matter where you are if you are surrounded by bitchyin music and a dedicated crowd.

We mobile baby, mobile!

Do you have any thoughts about taking Arcade on tour like Sovereign Academy or something like that?

We would love to take arcade all over the world, smack us up.

Anything you would like to add?

Without our people and the dedication arcade is merely just a name. Arcade town is a love town.

So if you would like more info on Arcade, you can check out their FB group and join it to get invites to the bash.

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