Monday, October 13, 2008

Daft Punk is Playing at My House!

So, rumours are running rampant on Facebook. Daft Punk are coming to SA to play a once off show at Kirstenbosch in February 2009. As of yet, I have found no literature to support this claim, but it would be cool. I messaged the guy who started the invite craze on FB and he sent me this:

"Hey Richard

I work for a media and events company called SBA2 and we have been given the info that you can see. The legal boys told us what links we could and couldn't put up and then big concerts put it together. Basically we were given the contract to make some hype about the concert and preceding the actual announcement, all we do is use every "unofficial" media source we can find to get the talk about the concert up in order to build hype before the actual announcement. Its a technique we call sink media, we basically let old fashioned word on the street to build up an event. The rumours as to whether it is or isn't happening all help. As you know, facebook is a very usefull tool for sink media and this is just one of our mediums. Another would be paying a person to phone into a popular radio station and simply ask if the concert is happening, it all builds hype. Even if people dont belive it, it will keep their ears tuned to the idea and if one person talks about it, it spreads! Due to the huge success of the David Guetta concert which we helped promote in this way, we are doing this in a similar fashion with some changes ofcourse. From what i have been told, the announcement will e made 62 days before the actual concert and for the first 31 days after the announcement all people will be able to do is book the right to a ticket and in the 31 days before the concert people can actually buy tickets. Again, these are all hype techniques, organisers know that this concert will be a sell out so they can use creative media techniques to enhance it!

See you at the concert Richard!

Guy Manning


So I don't know anymore. I asked him for a website to show some credibility, but he hasn't as yet got back to me. Time will tell I guess. Is Kirstenbosch not a strange place for a Daft Punk concert?If you want to speak directly to Guy, you can click here and message him.

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