Saturday, October 11, 2008

It was for "ONE NIGHT ONLY!" But he lied.

If you were unfortunate to miss out last time, you have another chance! Albeit in Stellenbosch. Yes thats correct friends. Nigel James Moore is not quite ready to leave, and so he has got his man friends (Dave, Steve and Tim) together for one last shindig. It's all going down on Thursday night at the Rock Room on Dorp Street. Get there early and have some dinner in Stellies. Should be wicked. On top of this exciting news, the lads from the Pretty Blue Guns have agreed to come along and play an unplugged set for us. Fun times. If you were at the Waiting Room, you will remember Andre from the Pretty Blue Guns. He was the bloke who played the Harmonica. No doubt he will be show face in both acts.
[The kids from Pretty Blue Guns]
[Fun times with Nigel Moore and friends at Waiting Room]

If you missed out and would like to read about what happened last time and see some pics, click here.

If you would like to hear a little more of his music before deciding, click here. [Bare in mind, he sounds much better live.]

If you know what you want, click here.

Oh, and did I mention, IT'S A FREE SHOW!

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