Friday, October 31, 2008

8-bit city

Who is Cevron? Who is the macho boygirl behind 8-bit city? Where does he/she get off telling me how I should present my blog? If you don't like it, stop reading it. "whateverthefuck you're trying to say"? Really Cevron aka Anonymous? Really? I don't have to write about any one thing, thats the beauty of one's own blog. It is personal, deal with it. It's an outlet. If you read the blurb next to my posts, you will see that.

Anyway, I am wasting my time talking to someone who hides behind a name. If you are wondering why I am venting, some blogger wrote something that annoyed me (strangely). It generally takes a lot more than a silly post to get my back up. Check it.

Another reason for the url change is that my name (Richard Cole King) is a lot easier to remember than Smack Talk My Bum. So, it makes sense for the people I meet.

There might be cash prizes for anyone who delivers me info about who cevron is. Truth.

Oh, and happy Halloween if you're into that type of thing.


Luca Vincenzo said...

Wow, Rich! Well done!

This is some of the coolest publicity you've received, so I'd say a big "thank you!" to Cevron for donig something so kind.

Really now, is there anything like bad publicity?

Luca Vincenzo said...

Quickly, before someone blogs about the typo, I, like, TOTALLY meant to write "doing" and not "donig".

Anonymous said...

haha, check this shit just out ricahard, someone is trying to copy cevroncity, but, its actually funny...

miss chicken meat