Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tuesday Nights at Fiction

So, the only place to be on a Tuesday night used to be Fiction for the indie/electro free entrance late start "UNTAMED YOUTH" awesome night. What are people doing instead with their Tuesday nights? Half price movies? Because, the music hasn't deterriorated. Resident djs Tommy Gun and Dario are still "bustin' the lekker tunes China". No really, it's still has to be the place to go out to on a Tuesday.

I took a gander down there with two friends the other night after the Nigel Moore gig and something died a little inside me when I saw so few people there.

If siff Monday Madness at Mercury can week after week be packed with school kids, then we should be able to find music lovers to come to Fiction, surely? Bring it back to life, tell your friends! Summer is coming and the evenings are warmer. If you need to be energised for a Tuesday night watched this video. It will blow your mind.

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