Monday, October 20, 2008

I was a Dancer all along

With the economic uncertainties of the last couple of weeks people have had to tighten their ‘going out belts’ and pick very selectively which parties to attend. This weekend was a good example of that.

The venue was Mercury, the party was Dance Lessons. The well advertised event featured the big draw card in Unit.R. They went on at about 11.30 and played (for me) the worst set I have ever seen them play! They were boring and unprofessional. I feel the freedom to say that, because I have heard them on a number of occasions when they have made me dance and get my sweat on. Other than that, the evening showcased outstanding acts from djs Tommy Gun and Dario (Fiction residents).

True to their promises, the ladies from Prom Night delivered. With streamers from the ceiling and quality djs churning out sweet melodies, a night like this could not be found elsewhere in Cape Town. For the small crowd that assembled for the evening it was a blast. We danced stupidly while wearing or using some of hundreds of ribbons that were made for the event. The goodness Cupcakes also provided a very necessary sugar high to help people let loose.

It is trusted as the word spreads about the awesomeness and uniqueness of this party and as the economy stables, more people will flock to this event to share cake and show off some unique tackie squeaking.

To find out when the next party will be, join the Facebook group called Prom Night and be the first to get info about proceedings.

[The attention to detail did not go unnoticed]

AN ASIDE: I cannot pinpoint the last time I went to Mercury, but the place is looking so much better. Gone are the days when I can’t tell what the floor is made of. They have transformed the hole into something cleaner and presentable.

Check out more pics from party at WAA!

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