Monday, October 13, 2008

Zebra & Giraffe

Friday night saw Joburg newbies Zebra & Giraffe play with The Dirty Skirts at The Assembly. The Dirty Skirts seem to have this sad habit of getting the guest bands to play first, so that by the time they come on stage the crowd is warmed up. Etiquette says they should let the guests go last. Oh well.Moving along. Z&G were fantastic. It was their first show in Cape Town (the closest they had come previously was Stellenbosch) and they really impressed! You would never think it, but they have only been performing as a band for about 2 months! Front man Gregg recorded their album by himself before he formed the band. Talented bugger. They have a really good sound, mixing conventional alternative rock with Franz Ferdinand type beats [on occasions]. (Thats a personal, rough overview opinion of Z&G's sound).Dirty Skirts followed. Enough said. If you like them and want to read something nice about them, hop along to 8-bit.

I had enough when the dumbass MC came on stage and said I looked like Schalk Burger and must be Afrikaans. Over it. Click here to see a Z&G video that will blow your mind. It's called, The Knife.

I had a chat with Darren Leader (Z&G drummer) and turns out he used to play for Harris Tweed (Dear Reader). Use it, don't use it. I thought that was interesting. Expect a Members interview with him soon.

[Photos by Nicole from Prom Night]

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