Saturday, November 1, 2008 is no more!!!

(He looks too old to be rapping)
I was pretty happy to read this on the FB group just now. Not because I am heartless, it's just now my vibe. I guess they were really good at what they did though.

"To My Dearest Friends

Max Normal speaking.

I have something very important to tell you all.

MaxNormal.TV is no more.
This fantastic pop-art experiment has been very dear to me.
The love and support you have all shown this project has made it a very precious experience for us all.
During this beautiful pop-art experiment we discovered a very powerful entity called DIE ANTWOORD.

We will not be performing the MaxNormal.TV show any longer.
Soon we will return in another form to resume our adventure together.

I wish you all a life of magic and mystery.
I wish you all the power to open and close all doors.
I wish you all success and surprises.
May life send you all the answers to all your problems in love, health, and distress.
I wish you all unlimited access to all the powers of the universe so that you may achieve your goals.
May life satisfy all your indulgences and help you to a delicious existence while showing you the key to immortality.
Each one of us possesses the possibility for the ultimate life adventure!

Farewell my dearest friends,
Until we meet again!

Max Normal
Yo-landi Visser
Justin De Nobrega
and Neon Don

Liewe Maxi
Oor en uit."
I am very interested to see what they come up with for after their little break because, as I said earlier, they are talented.

If you never got to see them perform, check out their Myspace to hear what you missed.


Anonymous said...

i just read this a 8-bit city.

what about an article on katy perry

Richard Cole King said...

Yeah, it seems that we posted almost simultaneously. It is pretty big news, so its not a problem for us both to post something.