Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Women of the Industry: PJ Harvey

I had a few requests for the very interesting (and quite old which maybe makes her a perfect candidate as a pioneer of 'the industry') PJ Harvey.
She was born in October 1969 in England on a small sheep farm to a dad who was a sculptor (and stonemason). She cites her first musical influences as being blues, jazz and 'art-rock', a more experimental style of rock music. More recently she enjoys influences in Russian folk music and Italian composer, Ennio Morricone among others.
Since her first album in 1991, she has won numerous awards including a Mercury Music Prize and Rolling Stone's Best New Artist and Best Songwriter in 1992 and Best Artist of 1995. Two of her albums have also been placed on the Rolling Stones 500 Best Albums of All Time. These were To Bring You My Love and Rid of Me.
For some captivating music by this weathered trailblazer check out a couple of articles and tracks on The Hype Machine and of course her Myspace:

PJ Harvey & John Parish - Leaving California

The Last Living Rose - PJ Harvey (Live @ Camp Festival)


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Double Hawk said...

She's really great. She doesn't degrade herself or sugar coat her lyrics like your typical female singer does.