Friday, September 18, 2009

Eat this Horse - Handbag Mind

So, we are all rather excited to welcome Eat This, Horse back. I have been listening to them quite a lot over the last day or so, I am quite excited to see them perform, with all the same band members I might add!
If you have caught something of this very exciting news but are still in the dark as to what people are talking about and wondering why they seem to pause in the middle of the name, listen to the track below, a now-golden-oldie. As for the pause, the name is Eat This (comma) Horse.
I will chat to John in the next day or so and get some more information for ya'll! Yes, the same John from Dear John Love Emma.

Handbag Mind - Eat This, Horse

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oligarch said...

At the door to an Eat This, Horse gig they should hand out free earplugs because you never know how shit they really are until you've already paid. This band is horrible.