Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Dave Matthews on racism

DMB have a new album out that they have dedicated to their late great saxophonist, LeRoi Moor. Dave met with a reporter from CNN and spoke a little about his perceptions on racism in a 'free' country. It's quite an interesting and unique view.

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Anonymous said...

Dave Matthews is an IDIOT! Why? Well, a few years back, he thought it would be "funny, maybe cool" to literally dump shit from his tour bus into the Chicago river." I'm from Chicago and no, that was not cool!

As for "racism," CNN seems to talk about nothing but "race." They've become the "race channel."

Look at Cater talking about race when all he needs to do is look in a mirror- he's an "anti-semite!" Read his stupid book, don't recall the name of it. Not to mention what an utter failure he was as president.

As for Obama, is every time "white" people disagree with him going to be all about race? What a f-ing joke. People have had it with Obama already (Wash protests), due to his policies- has nothing to due with is race!