Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Women of the Industry: A Fine Frenzy

I stumbled across A Fine Frenzy, this great female singer in the States. Her real name is Alison Sudol she released her first album in 2007, One Cell in the Sea. Her latest album is A Bomb in a Birdcage and was released in Germany on 28 August 2009, while the American release is today, 8 September 2009.

I haven’t been fortuned the listening pleasure of the entire album, but the one track I listened to, I loved to the point that I thought her bloggable. She has also inspired a new series on Smack Talk. We all know how long these series’ last on here, but lets give it a whirl. I am titling the series, Women of the Industry. Clearly, she is first.

Here is a track List for A Bomb in a Birdcage:

1. What I Wouldn't Do

2. New Heights

3. Electric Twist

4. Blow Away

5. Happier

6. Swan Song

7. Elements

8. The World Without

9. Bird of the Summer

10. Stood Up

11. The Beacon

12. Silent War

Feel free to download one of the songs from the album:

Blow Away (Live @ WKRQ, Cincinnati) – A Fine Frenzy (zShare)

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